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Salary Structure Of Veterinary Doctors In Nigeria

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Veterinary doctors are the unsung heroes who ensure both animal and human health. They diagnose illnesses in animals, safeguard our food and water, and champion animal welfare. Yet, in Nigeria, their salaries often don’t match their crucial role. Let’s dive into the salary structure, challenges, and why reform is urgently needed.

Understanding the Salary Structure

In Nigeria, veterinary doctors’ salaries follow the Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS). This structure, made up of 10 levels, sets the pay based on experience, qualifications, and performance.

Here’s a simplified breakdown of the salary levels:

  • Level 01: NGN 60,000 – 120,000
  • Level 02: NGN 120,000 – 180,000
  • Level 03: NGN 180,000 – 240,000
  • Level 04: NGN 240,000 – 300,000
  • Level 05: NGN 300,000 – 360,000
  • Level 06: NGN 360,000 – 420,000
  • Level 07: NGN 420,000 – 480,000
  • Level 08: NGN 480,000 – 540,000
  • Level 09: NGN 540,000 – 600,000
  • Level 10: NGN 600,000 – 660,000

Remember, these are base salaries. Veterinary doctors may also get extra allowances like transport, hazard, and housing.

The Hardships Veterinarians Face

Even with a structured salary, Nigerian veterinary doctors face several challenges:

  1. Low Salaries: Their pay is often much less than other professionals.
  2. Tough Working Conditions: Long hours in challenging environments are common.
  3. Resource Scarcity: Many clinics lack essential resources for proper animal care.
  4. Lack of Awareness: Many Nigerians underestimate the importance of veterinary care.

Why We Need Reform

It’s clear that the current pay system falls short. Veterinary doctors are vital to our community’s health, and they deserve salaries that reflect this importance. The government must act swiftly to revise and improve the salary structure.


Veterinary doctors in Nigeria play a pivotal role in maintaining both animal and human health. Yet, they often face inadequate pay and challenging conditions. It’s high time we recognize their contributions and reform their salaries to reflect their significance.


  1. Why are veterinary doctors in Nigeria paid less than other professionals?

    • Unfortunately, veterinary care isn’t always prioritized in Nigeria, leading to lower pay compared to other sectors.
  2. What can the government do to improve the situation?

    • The government can review and update the salary structure, provide better working conditions, and promote public awareness of the importance of veterinary care.
  3. Are there any additional benefits for veterinary doctors apart from their salary?

    • Yes, veterinary doctors may receive allowances such as transport, hazard, and housing to supplement their basic salaries.

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