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Medical Doctors’ Salaries in Nigeria (2024): See What They Earn

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The dream of becoming a medical doctor is often fueled by the promise of a rewarding career, both emotionally and financially. But how much do doctors really earn in Nigeria? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Why the Hype Around Medical Profession?

First off, being a doctor is prestigious and comes with respect. Plus, it’s a job almost guaranteed after graduation, and the pay is usually good. No wonder many young people aim for medical school!

Doctor’s Salary: The Real Deal

If you think all doctors in Nigeria are swimming in money, you might be surprised. While it’s true that doctors generally earn well, not everyone gets the big bucks. Government hospitals often pay more than private ones. So, let’s dive into the numbers.

Starting Out: Housemanship Salary

After medical school, doctors do a one-year house job. During this time, they can earn around N160,000, but it varies by hospital. Federal and teaching hospitals usually pay more than state hospitals. Due to the high number of medical graduates, getting an internship spot is competitive, sometimes requiring tests to filter candidates.

During NYSC: National Youth Service Corps Salary

After housemanship, doctors must serve in the NYSC program. Here, they might earn around N50,000, or even nothing at all, depending on the hospital’s location and ownership.

Post-NYSC: Moving On

Once the NYSC is done, salaries can vary. Doctors start at around N220,000 in government roles. For those in private hospitals, it might be around N120,000. Consultants, who have more experience, can earn up to N600,000 or more.

Breaking Down Salaries

  • Government Hospitals/Teaching Hospitals:

    • Medical Officers: N180,000
    • Resident Doctors (Registrars): N220,000
    • Senior Resident Doctors (Senior Registrars): N260,000
    • Consultants: N450,000 (Fresh) – more for senior consultants
  • Private Hospitals:

    • Medical Officers: N60,000
    • Resident Doctors: N120,000
    • Consultants: N/A (It varies widely)


Being a doctor in Nigeria can be financially rewarding, but it’s also competitive. Salaries range widely based on experience, location, and whether it’s a government or private role. While the profession offers prestige and stability, it’s essential to be aware of the varying pay scales.


  1. Do all doctors earn the same in Nigeria?

    • No, salaries vary based on experience, location, and whether it’s a government or private hospital.
  2. How much do doctors earn during their NYSC?

    • The salary during NYSC can be around N50,000, but it varies by hospital and can sometimes be less or even nothing.
  3. Are consultants the highest-paid doctors?

    • Generally, yes. Consultants with more experience and expertise tend to earn the highest, often around N600,000 or more

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