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INEC Salary Structure For All Grade Levels [Current Salary Scale]

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Are you curious about the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) salary structure? Do you want to know how much INEC pays its officers and the benefits they offer? In this detailed guide, we unravel the mysteries surrounding the INEC salary scale, shedding light on the earnings, qualifications, and perks associated with working for this pivotal electoral body in Nigeria.

Overview of INEC:

Established in 1998, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is a crucial institution tasked with overseeing elections in Nigeria. From organizing and supervising elections to registering political parties and conducting voter education, INEC plays a vital role in ensuring the democratic process runs smoothly.

Duties of INEC Officials:

INEC officials have multifaceted responsibilities, including organizing elections for various offices, registering political parties, monitoring party activities, conducting financial audits, and spearheading voter and civic education initiatives.

INEC Salary Structure for Ad-Hoc Staff:

For those eyeing temporary positions with INEC, such as Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers, Registration Area Center Managers, and Registration Area Technical Support, here is a breakdown of their salary structure:

  1. Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO) – GL 10-14: ₦1,060,833 – ₦2,101,600
  2. Presiding Officer (PO) / Assistant Presiding Officer (APO) – GL 07: ₦638,133 – ₦961,577
  3. Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager – GL 07: ₦638,133 – ₦961,577
  4. Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH) – GL 07: ₦638,133 – ₦961,577

INEC Qualification and Salary Structure:

The qualification of INEC staff significantly influences their salary. Here is a breakdown based on qualification:

  1. School Leavers – GL 04: ₦376,194 – ₦497,000 per annum
  2. Diploma Certificate Holders – GL 07: ₦638,133 – ₦961,577 per annum
  3. Graduates – GL 08: ₦799,421 – ₦1,174,395 per annum
  4. Director – GL 14: ₦1,503,149 – ₦2,101,600 per annum

INEC Staff Welfare:

INEC values the welfare of its staff, offering benefits such as accommodation allowance, transport allowance, medical care, pension participation, promotion opportunities, cooperative society membership, and regular training programs.


Now equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the INEC salary structure, benefits, and opportunities, you are better prepared to navigate the potential of working with this influential electoral body. Whether you’re intrigued by the responsibilities or enticed by the perks, this guide serves as your go-to resource. Share this information to spread awareness and empower others interested in the world of INEC.

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