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LASU Non-Academic Staff Salary Structure

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Lagos State University (LASU) stands tall as one of Nigeria’s top universities, but a significant issue looms large: the salary of its non-academic staff. These unsung heroes, who work behind the scenes to ensure smooth university operations, face a salary structure that’s far from ideal.

Understanding the Salary Structure

When you’re just starting out as a non-academic staff member at LASU, you can expect a monthly basic salary of N150,000 to N200,000. While it might sound decent, keep in mind that Lagos is one of Nigeria’s priciest cities to live in.

As years roll by and experience grows, there might be slight salary bumps. However, even after a decade of dedicated service, a staff member might only earn between N250,000 to N300,000 monthly.

On top of the basic salary, there are allowances for housing and transportation. But sadly, these allowances often fall short of compensating for the low basic pay.

Why Does This Matter?

The low salary structure isn’t just a number; it has real-life implications:

  1. Attracting Talent: With such low pay, LASU struggles to attract and keep talented non-academic staff. Many opt for better-paying jobs elsewhere, whether in other universities or the private sector.
  2. Morale and Quality of Service: Low salaries lead to unhappy staff. When employees are dissatisfied, it reflects in their work. This can affect the quality of services students and the university community receive.
  3. Brain Drain: It also fuels the brain drain problem, with skilled staff leaving Nigeria in search of better opportunities abroad.

What Can Be Done?

To address this pressing issue:

  1. University’s Role: LASU’s administration should consider raising the salaries of non-academic staff. Offering additional benefits like improved housing and transportation allowances could also help.
  2. Government Support: The government could step in with financial aid to help LASU enhance its salary structure.


While LASU shines as a leading Nigerian university, the plight of its non-academic staff salaries needs urgent attention. By improving the pay structure and benefits, LASU can ensure a brighter future for its dedicated staff and maintain its reputation as a top-tier institution.


  1. Why are the salaries of non-academic staff at LASU so low?

    The current salary structure at LASU doesn’t adequately reflect the cost of living in Lagos, making it challenging for staff to meet their financial needs.

  2. How does low pay affect the quality of education at LASU?

    Low morale among staff can lead to decreased job satisfaction, which may affect the quality of services provided to students and the broader university community.

  3. Can the government intervene to improve salaries at LASU?

    Yes, the government can provide financial assistance to LASU to help improve the salary structure for non-academic staff. This could be in the form of grants or subsidies to support higher salaries and benefits

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