Salary Structure

Salary structure of Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR)

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In the realm of scientific discovery and public health advancement, the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) shines as a beacon of hope. Its groundbreaking research not only propels the nation forward but also offers aspiring professionals a platform to contribute to significant strides in healthcare. However, one question that often arises in the minds of those considering a career at NIMR is: What does the salary look like? In this blog post, we aim to demystify the salary structure at NIMR, providing clarity for those curious about embarking on a journey in medical research.

Breaking Down the Levels:

Entry-Level: Imagine starting your journey at NIMR as a Research Assistant I. Your dedication to scientific exploration is met with a monthly salary ranging from ₦150,000 to ₦200,000. As you gain experience and expertise, progressing to the role of Research Officer II can boost your income to a range of ₦250,000 to ₦300,000.


With time and dedication, you advance to become a Senior Research Officer, delving deeper into research and innovation. This advancement brings with it a salary increase, placing you within the ₦350,000 to ₦450,000 range. Further recognition awaits as you climb to the position of Principal Research Officer, where salaries soar to ₦500,000 to ₦600,000, reflecting your leadership in pivotal research projects.

Senior Levels:

For those assuming greater responsibilities as Assistant Directors or Heads of Units, the rewards are significant. Salaries for these roles range from ₦700,000 to ₦850,000, recognizing the pivotal role they play in steering the course of research endeavors. Finally, reaching the pinnacle of one’s career at NIMR as a Deputy Director or Director commands a commanding salary within the ₦1 million to ₦1.5 million range, reflecting years of dedication, expertise, and leadership.


The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research offers not only a platform for groundbreaking research but also a rewarding career path with competitive salaries at various levels. From entry-level roles to senior leadership positions, professionals at NIMR are compensated for their contributions to advancing public health in Nigeria.


1.Are there opportunities for salary negotiation at NIMR?

While salaries at NIMR are structured based on roles and experience, there may be opportunities for negotiation based on individual qualifications and achievements. It’s advisable to discuss such matters during the hiring process.

2.Is there room for career growth at NIMR?

Absolutely. NIMR values professional development and offers opportunities for career advancement through training, mentorship, and recognition of excellence in research and leadership.

3.Does NIMR offer additional benefits besides salary?

In addition to competitive salaries, NIMR may offer benefits such as healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and opportunities for research collaboration with leading experts in the field

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