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CONRAISS Salary Structure in Nigeria

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In 2009, the Nigerian government introduced the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure (CONRAISS) to modernize outdated pay scales for research and allied institutes. Recently reformed to align with evolving employee needs, this sophisticated model offers competitive compensation and additional perks. In this blog post, we delve into key aspects of the CONRAISS salary structure, shedding light on monthly ranges, average salaries, benefits, and qualifications’ impact.

CONRAISS Salary Overview:

Designed for fair compensation, the CONRAISS salary structure caters to various designations within research and allied institutes. Entry-level professionals start at ₦34,560, while experienced counterparts can earn up to ₦501,657. The average monthly salary, ₦268,108.5, ensures equitable compensation for contributions, fostering a balanced work environment.

Extras and Benefits:

Recognizing challenges faced by Nigerian researchers, the government has augmented CONRAISS with allowances, bonuses, and improved research tools. Medical insurance, housing, and transport allowances contribute to overall well-being, offering free healthcare, covering rental expenses, and subsidizing transportation.

Salary Structure Details:

Organized into grade levels and steps, the CONRAISS salary structure provides specific figures for both genders. For instance:

  • CONRAIS 01 (Step 1 – 15): ₦34,560 (Males) / ₦29,376 (Females)
  • CONRAIS 02 (Step 1 – 15): ₦45,067 (Males) / ₦38,3075 (Females) … (Up to CONRAIS 15) …

Gender Disparity:

It’s essential to note a gender-based pay gap within CONRAISS, with females receiving 12% to 15% less than males. This aligns with government regulations on pay differentials, emphasizing the need for workplace equality.

Qualification Impact:

Qualifications play a pivotal role, particularly in STEM fields, influencing the salary structure. Higher degrees and extensive research experience lead to increased earnings, showcasing the value placed on skills and expertise in research and allied sectors.

Responsibilities of CONRAISS Employees:

Engaged in multifaceted roles, CONRAISS employees conduct thorough research, present unbiased findings, and contribute to knowledge dissemination through teaching. These responsibilities underscore the importance of research skills, neutrality in findings, and effective communication within the scientific community.


The CONRAISS salary structure reflects the Nigerian government’s commitment to nurturing a thriving research environment. Aspiring candidates can now comprehend the salary framework, benefits, and qualification impacts, empowering them to contribute to a vibrant research landscape in Nigeria. Explore the possibilities within CONRAISS and embark on a rewarding journey in the world of research and allied institutes.

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