Salary Structure

Salary Structure of Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR)

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Welcome to the gateway of exciting opportunities in agricultural research! The Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR), a government-owned institute headquartered in the vibrant city of Benin, Edo State, is at the forefront of groundbreaking research in genetic improvement, production, and processing of oil palm, raphia, date, coconut, and ornamental palms. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the institute’s salary structure, focusing on entry-level positions and progression through various levels of expertise.

Entry-Level Salary:

Embarking on a career as a Research Assistant at NIFOR offers a promising start, with an entry-level salary of ₦496,520 per annum. This is an excellent opportunity for budding researchers to contribute to innovative projects and gain valuable experience in the field.

Career Progression:

As you invest your skills and dedication, NIFOR rewards commitment through a well-defined career progression ladder. Let’s explore the salary structure for different levels:

  1. Senior Research Assistant (₦620,280 per annum): Building on your experience, this level recognizes your growing expertise, offering a competitive salary as you take on more responsibilities within research projects.
  2. Research Officer I (₦755,840 per annum): Moving up the ranks, Research Officer I presents an opportunity for increased leadership in research initiatives, accompanied by a corresponding salary elevation.
  3. Research Officer II (₦913,560 per annum): At this stage, your contributions to research become more integral, and your compensation reflects the added value you bring to the institute.
  4. Senior Research Officer (₦1,086,600 per annum): As a Senior Research Officer, your role becomes pivotal in shaping research strategies. The increased salary mirrors your advanced skills and leadership in the field.
  5. Principal Research Officer (₦1,275,440 per annum): Reaching the Principal Research Officer level signifies a significant milestone in your career. This role involves strategic decision-making and oversight, aligning with an elevated salary package.
  6. Chief Research Officer (₦1,480,800 per annum): The Chief Research Officer position marks the zenith of your career at NIFOR. Your expertise and leadership are now instrumental in steering the institute’s research direction, accompanied by a competitive salary.
  7. Director of Research: As you ascend to the pinnacle of your career, the role of Director of Research awaits. While specific salary details for this role may vary, the responsibilities are expansive, and the rewards match the significance of your contributions.


Joining the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research opens doors to a fulfilling career in agricultural research, with a structured career path and competitive salaries. Whether you’re starting as a Research Assistant or aspiring to lead research initiatives as a Director, NIFOR offers a dynamic environment where your expertise is valued, and your contributions make a lasting impact on the agricultural landscape.

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