Salary Structure

Salary Structure of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria

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In Nigeria, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) stands as a pivotal government agency entrusted with the crucial task of registering and regulating companies and businesses. With a workforce exceeding 2,000 employees, the CAC is a significant contributor to the employment landscape in the country. This article aims to shed light on the CAC salary structure, providing valuable insights for job seekers and those curious about the compensation framework.

Entry-Level Salaries:

Navigating the first rungs of the career ladder at the CAC promises a rewarding experience. Entry-level salaries are influenced by factors such as job title, experience, and qualifications, with the added nuance of geographical location within Nigeria. Typically ranging between N90,000 and N140,000 per month after taxes, here are some specific examples:

  1. Data Entry Expert: N138,000 – N143,000
  2. Technical Support Personnel: N134,000 – N144,200
  3. Assistant Director: N514,000 – N524,000
  4. Graduate Employee: N147,000 – N162,000

Progressing through the Ranks:

As employees climb the hierarchical ladder, the CAC salary structure becomes more nuanced. Here’s a breakdown based on different grade levels:

  • Grade Level 10: N250,000 – N280,000
  • Grade Level 11: N300,000 – N350,000
  • Grade Level 12: N350,000 – N400,000
  • Grade Level 13: N400,000 – N450,000
  • Grade Level 14: N450,000 – N500,000
  • Grade Level 15: N500,000 – N550,000
  • Grade Level 16: N550,000 – N600,000
  • Grade Level 17: N600,000 – N650,000
  • Grade Level 18: N650,000 – N700,000
  • Grade Level 19: N700,000 – N750,000
  • Grade Level 20: [Specific details not provided]

Unlocking Opportunities:

Joining the CAC isn’t just about a job; it’s about a career path laden with growth potential. The progressive salary structure reflects the organization’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding talent at every stage. Whether you are a recent graduate aiming to make a mark or a seasoned professional seeking new horizons, the CAC offers a dynamic platform for career advancement.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Nigeria’s corporate world, the CAC stands as a cornerstone, facilitating business growth and ensuring regulatory compliance. Aspiring individuals can find not only a job but a promising career within its ranks. With a transparent and competitive salary structure, the CAC beckons to those ready to seize the opportunities it presents. Whether you are exploring potential employment or merely curious about salary benchmarks, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of what the CAC has to offer. Embark on a journey with the Corporate Affairs Commission, where your career aspirations meet rewarding remuneration.

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