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Salary Structure For College Of Education Lecturers In Nigeria (2024)

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College of Education lecturers in Nigeria are the backbone of the nation’s education system. They train future teachers for primary and secondary schools, ensuring quality education for Nigerian students. Ever wondered how much they earn? Let’s dive into their salary structure.

Salary Structure of College of Education Lecturers (2024)

The salary of college lecturers in Nigeria is determined by the Consolidated Tertiary Institution Salary Structure (CONTISS). This structure has 15 salary levels based on qualifications and experience.

  • CONUASS 01: ₦2,026,977
  • CONUASS 02: ₦2,295,266
  • CONUASS 03: ₦2,590,503
  • CONUASS 04: ₦2,912,687
  • CONUASS 05: ₦3,261,833
  • CONUASS 06: ₦3,637,930
  • CONUASS 07: ₦4,041,083
  • CONUASS 08: ₦4,471,392
  • CONUASS 09: ₦4,928,964
  • CONUASS 10: ₦5,413,807
  • CONUASS 11: ₦5,925,923
  • CONUASS 12: ₦6,465,312
  • CONUASS 13: ₦7,031,982
  • CONUASS 14: ₦7,625,937
  • CONUASS 15: ₦8,247,209

What Influences Salary?

  1. Qualifications: Higher qualifications like a PhD earn more than a master’s degree.
  2. Experience: More years of teaching mean a higher salary.
  3. Rank: Professors earn more than regular lecturers.
  4. College Type: Federal college lecturers generally earn more than state college lecturers.

Tips to Increase Salary

  1. Get Promoted: Meet the requirements for the next salary level by gaining experience and additional qualifications.
  2. Special Allowances: Apply for allowances like supervising research projects or administrative roles.
  3. Boost Qualifications: Consider pursuing higher degrees like a PhD for a competitive edge.


College of Education lecturers in Nigeria play a crucial role in shaping the country’s education. Their salary is determined by CONTISS and varies based on qualifications, experience, rank, and college type. To increase earnings, lecturers can aim for promotions, apply for special allowances, and enhance their qualifications.


1. What is CONTISS?

CONTISS is the Consolidated Tertiary Institution Salary Structure used to determine salaries for tertiary institution staff in Nigeria.

2. How can I increase my salary as a college lecturer?

You can increase your salary by getting promoted, applying for special allowances, and obtaining higher qualifications like a PhD.

3. Do federal college lecturers earn more than state college lecturers?

Yes, federal college lecturers generally earn more than those in state colleges due to differences in funding and resources

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