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Amotekun Corps Salary Structure & Ranks – See Amotekun Monthly Salary

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Are you curious about the official salary structure of the Amotekun Corps and eager to discover the monthly earnings of its officers? Look no further, as we provide you with the latest insights into the Amotekun Corps Salary Structure, Ranks, and the remuneration officers receive based on their qualifications.

Amotekun Monthly Salary:

The compensation for Amotekun officers is determined by their educational qualifications. While the initial monthly pay was set at ₦13,500, recent developments indicate that there is a reconsideration of this amount. Members of the hunters’ association voiced their concerns, rejecting the proposed ₦13,500 monthly payment, citing that it may not motivate the men and women of Operation Amotekun to give their best.

As a response, the southwest Governors are contemplating an increased monthly take-home pay of ₦50,000 to ensure that officers are adequately rewarded for their dedication and service.

Amotekun Corps Salary Structure & Ranks:

The Amotekun Corps salary structure is intricately linked to the qualifications possessed by the officers. Although specific details about the rank-based remuneration are not explicitly provided, the emphasis on educational qualifications suggests that higher qualifications may result in higher salaries.

Recruitment Information:

For those interested in joining the Amotekun Corps, recruitment forms can be accessed through the operational headquarters of Operation Amotekun, with one notable location being Gbongan in Osun State. This strategic placement, situated on the Ibadan-Ile-Ife highway, ensures accessibility for potential recruits.


understanding the Amotekun Corps Salary Structure is crucial for individuals aspiring to join the ranks of this security outfit. The ongoing consideration to revise the monthly pay to ₦50,000 highlights the commitment of the southwest Governors to ensure that the men and women of Operation Amotekun are adequately compensated for their service.

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