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State Civil Service Salary Structure In Nigeria

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State civil servants are the backbone of our government, working tirelessly to deliver essential services to people all over Nigeria. Whether it’s education, healthcare, infrastructure, or public safety, these dedicated individuals play crucial roles in our daily lives.

How is the Salary Determined?

The salary of a state civil servant is primarily based on a grade level system. Think of it like climbing a ladder; the higher you go, the more you earn. In Nigeria, there are typically 17 grade levels, with Grade 1 being the starting point and Grade 17 as the highest level.

Each grade level has its set salary determined by the respective state government. Generally speaking, as you move up the grade levels, your salary increases.

What’s Included in the Salary?

Beyond the basic salary, state civil servants also receive various allowances to make ends meet. These allowances can differ from state to state but usually encompass:

  • Housing Allowance: To assist with accommodation expenses.
  • Transport Allowance: For commuting to and from work.
  • Hardship Allowance: Compensation for working under challenging conditions, especially in remote or difficult areas.

Is the Salary Structure Updated?

Yes, the state governments periodically review the salary structure. This review ensures that salaries keep up with inflation and other economic factors, ensuring civil servants’ living standards are maintained.


State civil servants in Nigeria play pivotal roles in delivering vital services to the public. Their salary structure, based on grade levels, provides a structured approach to compensation, with various allowances to support their well-being. It’s essential to understand this system to appreciate the hard work and dedication these individuals contribute to our society.


  1. How many grade levels are there in the state civil service?

    • Typically, there are 17 grade levels, ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 17.
  2. Do all states in Nigeria follow the same salary structure?

    • While the grade level system is common across states, the exact salary amounts and allowances can vary depending on the state government.
  3. How often is the salary structure reviewed?

    • The salary structure is reviewed periodically by state governments to account for inflation and other economic factors

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