Salary Structure

Salary Structure of the Budget Office of the Federation (BOF) in 2023

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the salary structure at the Budget Office of the Federation (BOF) in Nigeria for the year 2023. As a crucial government agency responsible for crafting and executing the annual budget, the BOF offers a diverse range of staff positions, each with its own unique salary grade. In this blog post, we’ll break down the salary details, providing valuable insights for job seekers, current employees, and anyone interested in the workings of the BOF.

Understanding BOF Salary Grades:

  1. Entry-level Positions:
    • Grade level 7, step 1: N117,890
    • Grade level 8, step 1: N140,000
    • Grade level 9, step 1: N165,000

For individuals embarking on their careers, these entry-level positions at the BOF offer competitive salaries, providing a solid foundation for professional growth.

  1. Mid-level Positions:
    • Grade level 10, step 1: N195,000
    • Grade level 11, step 1: N235,000
    • Grade level 12, step 1: N275,000

As employees progress in their careers, they can anticipate increasing responsibilities and corresponding salary adjustments, reflecting the BOF’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding skill and experience.

  1. Senior Management Positions:
    • Grade level 13, step 1: N325,000
    • Grade level 14, step 1: N375,000
    • Grade level 15, step 1: N425,000
    • Grade level 16, step 1: N475,000
    • Grade level 17, step 1: N [Salary to be filled]

The senior management positions at the BOF come with elevated responsibilities, and the salary structure reflects the importance of these roles in steering the agency towards its objectives.

Monitoring and Evaluation Responsibilities:

Apart from budget preparation and execution, the BOF plays a pivotal role in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the budget. This dual focus ensures transparency and accountability in the financial processes of the Nigerian government.


understanding the salary structure at the BOF is essential for individuals aspiring to join this influential government agency or those currently navigating their career paths within it. The competitive salaries offered at different levels reflect the BOF’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent, ultimately contributing to the effective management of Nigeria’s annual budget.

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