Salary Structure

Salary structure of National Agricultural Extension, Research and Liaison Services (NAERLS)

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In the vibrant landscape of Nigeria’s agricultural sector, the National Agricultural Extension, Research and Liaison Services (NAERLS) stands out as a pivotal player. As one of the 18 National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs) operating under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, NAERLS plays a crucial role in coordinating and disseminating agricultural research results to farmers and various stakeholders. In this blog post, we’ll explore the institute’s salary structure, shedding light on the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure (CONTISS) and the opportunities it presents for individuals seeking a career in agriculture.

Understanding NAERLS and Its Mission:

NAERLS is dedicated to facilitating the transfer of valuable agricultural knowledge to the grassroots level. This involves not only conducting groundbreaking research but also ensuring that the findings reach farmers and other key players in the agricultural sector. The institute places a strong emphasis on capacity building and training for extension agents and other agricultural service providers.

NAERLS Salary Structure:

The salary structure at NAERLS is governed by the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure (CONTISS). This harmonized structure applies to all research and allied institutions in Nigeria. Here’s an overview of the salary levels within the CONTISS structure at NAERLS:

Entry-level Positions (CONPASS 08):

  • Agricultural Extension Officer I
  • Agricultural Research Officer I
  • Agricultural Liaison Officer I

New graduates with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture or a related field can anticipate an entry-level salary starting around N50,000 per month. Those with master’s or PhD qualifications receive a higher starting salary.

Other Levels:

  • Agricultural Extension Officer II (CONPASS 10)
  • Agricultural Research Officer II (CONPASS 10)
  • Agricultural Liaison Officer II (CONPASS 10)
  • Agricultural Extension Officer III (CONPASS 12)
  • Agricultural Research Officer III (CONPASS 12)
  • Agricultural Liaison Officer III (CONPASS 12)
  • Agricultural Extension Officer IV (CONPASS 14)
  • Agricultural Research Officer IV (CONPASS 14)
  • Agricultural Liaison Officer IV (CONPASS 14)
  • Agricultural Extension Officer V (CONPASS 16)
  • Agricultural Research Officer V (CONPASS 16)
  • Agricultural Liaison Officer V (CONPASS 16)
  • Agricultural Extension Officer VI (CONPASS 17)
  • Agricultural Research Officer VI (CONPASS 17)
  • Agricultural Liaison Officer VI (CONPASS 17)

Salary Scales:

  • Entry-level: N50,000 – N60,000
  • Junior officer: N60,000 – N70,000
  • Senior officer: N70,000 – N80,000
  • Principal officer: N80,000 – N90,000
  • Assistant director: N90,000 – N100,000
  • Deputy director: N100,000 – N110,000
  • Director: N110,000 – N120,000
  • Executive director: N120,000 – N130,000


Embarking on a career with NAERLS opens doors to a structured salary system, rewarding dedication and expertise in the field of agriculture. As the institute continues to contribute significantly to the growth of the agricultural sector in Nigeria, prospective employees can find both financial stability and a fulfilling professional journey within NAERLS. Explore the diverse career paths offered by the institute and be part of the transformative impact on Nigerian agriculture.

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