Salary Structure

Salary structure of Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN)

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Are you passionate about agricultural research and the cultivation of essential crops like cocoa, kola, coffee, cashew, and tea? The Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN) might be the perfect place for you to embark on a fulfilling career. As a national research institute, CRIN plays a vital role in advancing agricultural knowledge and fostering growth in Nigeria. In this blog post, we’ll explore the institute’s mission, job opportunities, and the enticing benefits it offers to its employees.

About CRIN:

The Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN) stands as a beacon of excellence in agricultural research. With a national mandate, CRIN conducts groundbreaking research on cocoa, kola, coffee, cashew, and tea, contributing significantly to the agricultural landscape of Nigeria. To ensure widespread impact, CRIN has strategically established six substations across the six geopolitical zones of the country.

Job Opportunities at CRIN:

CRIN opens its doors to qualified candidates seeking to make a difference in the field of agricultural research. The institute offers a range of job opportunities at various levels, including entry-level, mid-level, senior-level, and executive-level positions. The salary for these roles varies based on the candidate’s qualifications and experience.

Salary Scale:

  • Entry-level: ₦150,000 – ₦200,000
  • Mid-level: ₦200,000 – ₦300,000
  • Senior-level: ₦300,000 – ₦500,000
  • Executive-level: ₦500,000 and above

Employee Benefits:

Apart from competitive salaries, CRIN provides a comprehensive benefits package to enhance the well-being of its employees. These benefits include:

  1. Housing Allowance: Support for securing suitable accommodation.
  2. Transportation Allowance: Assistance with commuting expenses.
  3. Medical Allowance: Coverage for healthcare needs.
  4. Pension Contributions: Ensuring financial security for the future.
  5. Leave Allowance: Acknowledging the importance of work-life balance.
  6. Severance Allowance: Providing a safety net for unforeseen circumstances.


Embarking on a career at the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria not only allows you to contribute to vital research but also offers a competitive salary and an array of benefits. Join a team dedicated to advancing agricultural knowledge and fostering growth in Nigeria. Explore the diverse opportunities available at CRIN and take the first step towards a rewarding career in agricultural research.

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