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Nigerian Navy Salary Structure – See Current Navy Payscale

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The Nigerian Navy stands as a formidable branch of the nation’s Armed Forces, playing a crucial role in safeguarding territorial waters. For those considering a career in the Nigerian Navy, understanding the salary structure is vital. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the ranks and payscale of both non-commissioned and commissioned officers, providing insights for aspiring naval personnel.

Benefits and Recruitment Process:

Before we delve into the ranks and salaries, it’s important to note that besides the monthly pay, Nigerian Navy personnel enjoy additional benefits. These perks contribute to the overall well-being of officers dedicated to protecting the nation’s waters. Aspiring candidates can explore opportunities by visiting the official recruitment portal at The recruitment process involves registration, form submission, and potential testing, with successful candidates proceeding to interviews.

Training Duration:

Upon selection, candidates undergo a rigorous six-month training program before being assigned their ranks. While the Navy discourages lobbying for positions, it remains a prevalent practice in various sectors across the country.

Non-Commissioned Navy Officer Ranks:

  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  2. Chief Petty Officer
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Leading Rating
  5. Able Rating
  6. Ordinary Rating

Commissioned Navy Officer Ranks:

  1. Admiral of the Fleet
  2. Admiral
  3. Vice-Admiral
  4. Commodore
  5. Captain
  6. Commander
  7. Lieutenant Commander
  8. Lieutenant
  9. Sub-Lieutenant
  10. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  11. Mid-Shipman

Nigerian Navy Officer’s Salary Scale Annually:

The salaries for commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy are as follows:

  1. Commander – ₦3,380,086
  2. Captain – ₦3,715,859
  3. Commodore – ₦7,385,856
  4. Rear-Admiral – ₦12,038,945
  5. Vice Admiral – ₦13,363,229
  6. Admiral – [Salary Information Not Provided]


Navigating the ranks and salary structure of the Nigerian Navy is crucial for anyone aspiring to join this esteemed force. As you embark on this journey, armed with knowledge, remember that dedication, discipline, and a commitment to service are the cornerstones of a successful naval career. For more detailed information and to stay updated on potential changes, it’s advisable to refer to official sources and recruitment channels.

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