Salary Structure

Salary structure of Child Dental Health graduate in Nigeria

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Stepping into the world of child dental health as a fresh graduate in Nigeria is like embarking on a thrilling adventure. But let’s talk about the exciting part – your salary! Wondering what your earning potential looks like? Let’s break it down.

Where Can You Work?

1. Hospitals

  • Public Hospitals: You can expect a starting salary of around N1.2 million to N1.5 million per year.
  • Private Hospitals: Salaries here can go higher, ranging from N1.5 million to N1.8 million, depending on your experience and location.

2. Clinics

Private dental clinics are lively places to work. As a beginner, you might earn between N1 million to N1.5 million. With more experience, your salary could climb to as high as N3 million or even more.

3. Non-Profit Organizations

If you’re passionate about making a difference, NGOs focusing on oral health might offer salaries starting from N800,000 to N1 million. Remember, the impact you make on communities is invaluable.

4. Academia

For those who enjoy teaching and research, universities and dental schools are great places to be. You could start with a salary between N1 million to N1.2 million, and with time and research, this could increase significantly.

5. Private Practice

Starting your own dental clinic is a fantastic entrepreneurial journey. While your income might vary initially, successful practices can lead to substantial earnings.

Salary Breakdown

Entry-Level (0-3 years)

  • Hospitals: Public – N1.2 million to N1.5 million; Private – N1.5 million to N1.8 million
  • Clinics: N1 million to N1.5 million
  • NGOs: N800,000 to N1 million
  • Academia: N1 million to N1.2 million

Mid-Level (4-7 years)

  • Hospitals: Public – N1.5 million to N2 million; Private – N2 million to N2.5 million
  • Clinics: N1.5 million to N2.5 million
  • NGOs: N1 million to N1.5 million (+ potential for grants)
  • Academia: N1.2 million to N2 million (+ bonuses from research)

Senior Level (8+ years)

  • Hospitals: Public – N2 million to N2.5 million; Private – N2.5 million to N3.5 million
  • Clinics: N2.5 million to N4 million
  • NGOs: N1.5 million to N2.5 million (+ leadership roles)
  • Academia: N2 million to N3 million (+ earnings from research and publications)


Embarking on a career in child dental health in Nigeria offers a range of exciting opportunities with competitive salaries. Whether you choose to work in hospitals, clinics, NGOs, academia, or even start your own practice, there’s potential for growth and making a difference in the community.


1. Can I earn more by specializing in a specific area?

Absolutely! Specializing in areas like pediatric dentistry or orthodontics can significantly boost your earning potential.

2. How does location affect my salary?

Location plays a role in determining your salary. Urban areas and major cities generally offer higher salaries compared to rural areas.

3. Are there additional benefits apart from the salary?

Yes, many employers offer benefits like health insurance, professional development opportunities, and bonuses, especially in private practices and academia.

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