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Mass Communication Salary in Nigeria (2024)

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The landscape of communication has transformed dramatically, shifting towards a world that thrives on readily available information. This evolution underscores the enduring relevance of the mass communication field. While it offers a plethora of opportunities, the financial rewards, unfortunately, don’t always reflect the field’s importance.

Why Mass Communication Matters

Mass communication is more than just journalism and media. It’s a vast, dynamic field that influences our daily lives directly and indirectly. Its significance is such that our modern world wouldn’t be the same without it, especially in developing countries like Nigeria.

Despite its importance, the salaries in mass communication often don’t match the industry’s value to society. While some sectors compensate professionals well, others, particularly the public sector, fall short.

Salary Breakdown by Sector

Let’s dive into the specifics of how much mass communication professionals typically earn in Nigeria, based on 2018 data.

Journalism & Mass Media

Journalism remains one of the most sought-after segments within mass communication. Despite its popularity, the field faces challenges due to the high number of graduates entering the market each year.

  • Private Sector: Entry-level journalists can expect to earn between N30,000 to N80,000. This can increase based on experience and company.
  • Government Sector: Entry-level salaries range from N80,000 to N120,000, with increments based on experience and rank.

Industries & Business

Mass communication professionals find roles as media consultants, research analysts, and marketing analysts across various industries.

  • Average Salary: Entry-level positions typically pay between N50,000 to N100,000, depending on factors like company size, experience, and qualifications.


Within the education sector, these professionals often take on roles as authors, writers, or teachers.

  • Private Sector: Salaries range from N15,000 to N70,000 for entry-level positions.
  • Government Sector: Entry-level pay is between N70,000 to N120,000.

Media Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations

This sector is another popular avenue for mass communication professionals, with roles ranging from publicity directors to social media experts.

  • Private Sector: Salaries hover around N70,000 to N100,000.


Mass communication offers a diverse range of career paths, but the salaries can vary significantly depending on the sector, experience, and qualifications. While the field is rewarding in many aspects, it’s essential to be aware of the financial landscape to make informed career choices.


1. Is mass communication a good career choice in Nigeria?

Absolutely! Mass communication offers a wide range of career opportunities and plays a crucial role in today’s information-driven world. However, it’s essential to consider the financial aspects and be prepared for varying salary ranges across sectors.

2. What factors influence mass communication salaries?

Several factors influence salaries in mass communication, including the sector (private or public), job role, level of experience, company size, and educational qualifications.

3. Are there opportunities for growth in mass communication careers?

Yes, there are ample opportunities for growth in mass communication careers. With experience and further qualifications, professionals can climb the career ladder and command higher salaries.

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