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Salary structure for HR jobs in Nigeria

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In the ever-evolving landscape of Nigeria’s workforce, the Human Resources (HR) sector stands as a pivotal force for organizational success. As the country experiences rapid growth, the demand for qualified HR professionals is reaching new heights, making it essential for job seekers and employers alike to understand the salary dynamics within this burgeoning industry.

Understanding the Varied Landscape:

The salary structure for HR jobs in Nigeria is multifaceted, influenced by factors such as experience, qualifications, company size, industry, and location. Let’s explore the general trends across various HR roles:

  1. HR Assistant: NGN 90,000 – NGN 180,000
  2. HR Officer: NGN 89,000 – NGN 258,000
  3. HR Coordinator: NGN 94,000 – NGN 266,000
  4. HR Specialist: NGN 110,000 – NGN 323,000
  5. HR Generalist: NGN 121,000 – NGN 268,000
  6. HR Business Partner: NGN 136,000 – NGN 431,000
  7. HR Manager: NGN 144,000 – NGN 7,000,000
  8. HR Director: NGN 477,500 – NGN 1,000,000

The Pinnacle of HR Salaries: HR Manager:

Among the diverse roles in HR, the position that commands the highest salary in Nigeria is that of an HR Manager. These professionals bear the responsibility of overseeing all facets of the HR function, from recruitment and training to performance management and employee relations.

Qualifications and Experience Matter:

HR Managers typically boast several years of hands-on experience in HR, coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or a related field. This combination of practical knowledge and academic grounding positions them as key decision-makers within organizations.

Exploring the HR Manager Salary Range:

The average monthly salary for an HR Manager in Nigeria is ₦477,500. However, this figure represents a broad spectrum, ranging from ₦144,000 at the lower end to an impressive ₦7,000,000 at the higher end. The substantial variation underscores the impact of individual factors, including experience, qualifications, industry, and company size.

Comparable to Grade Level 7:

For context, the entry-level salary for grade level 7 in Nigeria mirrors that of an entry-level HR Manager, both standing at ₦144,000 per month. This comparison provides insight into the competitive nature of HR roles within the country.


As Nigeria’s HR industry continues its rapid growth, professionals entering or advancing within this field must be attuned to the diverse salary structures. Employers, too, should recognize the value of HR expertise and consider these salary ranges when attracting and retaining top talent.

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