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FIRS Salary Structure: See How Much FIRS Staffs Earn

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The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) plays a crucial role in Nigeria’s financial landscape, responsible for collecting and managing taxes on behalf of the Federal Government. Established in 1943, FIRS gained autonomy in 2007 and has since been at the forefront of Nigeria’s tax system.

What Does FIRS Do?

Here’s a quick rundown of FIRS’s main functions:

  1. Tax Collection: FIRS collects and processes taxes for the Federal Government.
  2. Wealth Redistribution: Through tax activities, FIRS helps redistribute wealth among Nigerian citizens.
  3. Economic Measurement: FIRS provides vital records to measure the nation’s growth and development.
  4. Funding Public Projects: Taxes collected by FIRS finance government projects and programs.
  5. Benefits Estimation: FIRS determines benefits and privileges for compliant businesses under tax law.

FIRS Salary Structure

If you’re wondering about the salary of FIRS staff, let’s break it down:

  • Youth Corpers: Those serving with FIRS can earn between N34,000 to N46,000 per month.
  • Permanent Staff: The salary varies based on the position, grade, and years of service.
    • Grade 8: N103,987 monthly
    • Grade 7: N89,434 monthly

Remember, these figures don’t include taxes, pension, and other deductions. FIRS employees also enjoy various allowances and benefits based on their service years.

FIRS Salary Breakdown (Monthly)

  • NYSC Corps Member/Intern: N24,000 – N46,000
  • Accounting Clerk Intern: N67,000 – N73,000
  • Accountant: N198,000 – N211,000
  • Human Resources Generalist: N479,000 – N517,000
  • Assistant Manager: N310,000 – N331,000
  • Tax Administrator: N342,000 – N360,000
  • Inspector of Taxes: N382,000 – N412,600
  • Tax Officer: N289,600 – N310,000
  • Conseiller En Développement: N279,000 – N298,000

How Does FIRS Operate?

While tax collection is the primary focus, FIRS staff engage in various operations related to their main duty. To excel in these roles, FIRS staff should exhibit professionalism, respect for taxpayers, continuous learning, and efficiency.


Understanding the FIRS salary structure gives insights into the financial aspects of working in this vital government agency. From youth corps members to seasoned professionals, FIRS offers competitive salaries and benefits. As FIRS continues to evolve in its operations, it remains a cornerstone in Nigeria’s financial ecosystem.


  1. What is FIRS?

    • The Federal Inland Revenue Service is a Nigerian government agency responsible for collecting, monitoring, and managing taxes on behalf of the Federal Government.
  2. How much does a FIRS Youth Corper earn?

    • Youth Corpers serving with FIRS can earn between N34,000 to N46,000 per month.
  3. Do FIRS staff receive allowances and benefits?

    • Yes, FIRS staff are entitled to various allowances and benefits based on their years of service and position.

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