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Nigerian Navy: The Highest Paid Paramilitary In Nigeria

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The Nigerian Navy plays a crucial role in safeguarding Nigeria’s maritime borders, making it a vital part of the country’s security infrastructure. Established in 1956, the Navy has since been at the forefront of patrolling our vast coastline, ensuring that smuggling, illegal immigration, and maritime disasters are kept in check.

What’s in a Nigerian Navy Officer’s Paycheck?

When it comes to salary, Nigerian Navy officers are among the best-paid paramilitary personnel in the country. Let’s break down their earnings:

  • Basic Salary: A commissioned officer starts with a basic salary of N1.5 million per year.
  • Allowances: On top of their basic salary, officers receive several allowances:
    • Housing: N750,000 annually
    • Transport: N300,000 annually
    • Entertainment: N150,000 annually
    • Personal Assistant: N100,000 annually
    • Vehicle Maintenance: N100,000 annually

Adding up these allowances, a Navy officer’s total annual salary can reach up to N3 million.

Why Are They the Best-Paid?

  1. National Security: The Navy’s role in protecting Nigeria’s maritime borders is crucial for the country’s security. Ensuring these borders are secure directly impacts the nation’s safety and economy.
  2. Professionalism: Being a Navy officer demands high levels of skill and discipline. The training and expertise required make them invaluable assets to the nation.
  3. Demand: The specialized nature of naval operations means that there’s a high demand for experienced and skilled personnel, justifying their higher pay.


Nigerian Navy officers hold a significant responsibility in maintaining the security and integrity of Nigeria’s maritime territories. Their high salaries reflect not only the importance of their role but also the specialized skills and training they bring to the table. As guardians of our maritime borders, they play a pivotal role in ensuring Nigeria’s safety and prosperity.


  1. What is the role of the Nigerian Navy?

    • The Nigerian Navy is responsible for protecting Nigeria’s maritime borders, preventing smuggling and illegal immigration, and responding to maritime disasters.
  2. How much does a Nigerian Navy officer earn?

    • A commissioned officer’s basic salary starts at N1.5 million per annum, with additional allowances that can bring the total annual salary up to N3 million.
  3. Why are Nigerian Navy officers paid more than other paramilitary personnel?

    • Their higher pay reflects the critical nature of their role in national security, the level of professionalism and skill required, and the specialized demands of naval operations

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