Salary Structure

Salary Structure of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

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In the heart of Nigeria’s financial landscape stands the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), serving as the guardian of the nation’s financial system and the issuer of its currency, the naira. Renowned for its pivotal role, the CBN is not only a cornerstone in Nigeria’s economic stability but also a highly coveted employer, offering competitive salaries that attract top talent.

Entry-Level Opportunities:

For aspiring professionals eyeing a career at the CBN, the entry-level salaries present an attractive starting point. These salaries, ranging from ₦2 million to ₦3 million per annum, reflect the diversity of qualifications and experience that incoming employees bring to the table.

Ascending the Career Ladder:

As employees climb the career ladder at the CBN, their salaries increase in tandem with their growing responsibilities. Here’s a breakdown of the different levels of seniority and their corresponding annual salaries:

  1. Assistant Director: In this role, individuals can expect to earn between ₦4 million and ₦6 million per annum.
  2. Deputy Director: Stepping into the shoes of a Deputy Director comes with a salary range of ₦6 million to ₦8 million annually.
  3. Director: Directors at the CBN enjoy an annual compensation between ₦8 million and ₦10 million.
  4. Deputy Governor: As individuals rise to the esteemed position of Deputy Governor, their salaries reach between ₦10 million and ₦12 million per annum.
  5. Governor: At the helm of the CBN, the Governor commands a salary of ₦12 million.

Crafting Your Future at CBN:

The Central Bank of Nigeria stands as a beacon of financial expertise, offering rewarding career paths for those with a passion for economic stewardship. As you embark on your journey with the CBN, the promise of professional growth and competitive compensation awaits.


the CBN’s influence in Nigeria’s financial sphere extends beyond its regulatory role, making it an attractive destination for professionals seeking impactful careers. Whether you’re an entry-level applicant or a seasoned professional, the CBN’s tiered salary structure reflects a commitment to recognizing and rewarding talent at every level. Embark on your career journey with the CBN and discover a world of financial excellence and professional fulfillment.

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