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Sterling Bank Software Engineers Salaries In Nigeria

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When it comes to the Nigerian banking sector, Sterling Bank stands out as a leading institution, not just for its banking services but also for its attractive employment packages. For those venturing into the tech side of the bank, particularly as software engineers, the salary is a key factor of interest. Let’s dive into what you can expect in terms of pay and the factors influencing it.

What’s the Average Salary for a Sterling Bank Software Engineer?

The average monthly salary for a software engineer at Sterling Bank is around N400,000. While this gives you a ballpark figure, it’s essential to note that salaries can vary. Some might start at N300,000, while others, especially those with more experience or specialized skills, can earn as much as N500,000 or even more.

Factors Influencing Sterling Bank Software Engineer Salaries

  1. Position:

    • Understanding: Your job title or position has a big say in your salary. A senior software engineer, for instance, earns more than a junior one.
  2. Experience:

    • Understanding: As with most professions, the longer you’ve been in the field, the more you can expect to earn. Experience counts!
  3. Qualifications:

    • Understanding: Higher educational qualifications, like a master’s degree, can boost your earning potential compared to someone with just a bachelor’s degree.
  4. Location:

    • Understanding: Where you work matters. Software engineers in big cities like Lagos generally earn more than those in smaller towns.
  5. Performance:

    • Understanding: Consistently good work doesn’t go unnoticed. Stellar performance can lead to pay raises and bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often does Sterling Bank review salaries?

    • Sterling Bank typically reviews salaries annually, but exceptional performance can lead to off-cycle reviews.
  2. Are there other benefits apart from the salary for software engineers at Sterling Bank?

    • Yes, in addition to the salary, Sterling Bank offers benefits like health insurance, pension contributions, and sometimes bonuses based on performance.
  3. Do I need a specific degree to become a software engineer at Sterling Bank?

    • While a degree in computer science or a related field is beneficial, Sterling Bank values skills and experience. A strong portfolio and relevant certifications can also make you a strong candidate.


Working as a software engineer at Sterling Bank in Nigeria offers not just a competitive salary but also the chance to grow in a leading institution. Understanding the factors that influence your pay can help you navigate your career path effectively. Whether you’re just starting or have years of experience, Sterling Bank values talent and offers opportunities for growth.

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