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WAEC Salary Structure in Nigeria 2023

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The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) stands as a cornerstone in the educational landscape of West Africa, conducting and managing a diverse array of examinations across the region. If you’re considering a career at WAEC Nigeria, understanding the salary structure can be crucial. In this guide, we break down the salaries for various positions, providing valuable insights for prospective employees.

Entry-Level Salaries at WAEC Nigeria

  1. Examinations Officer:
    • Starting at 120,000 Naira, this role involves critical responsibilities in the examination process, ensuring the smooth conduct of tests and assessments.
  2. ICT Support Technician:
    • With a competitive entry-level salary of 130,000 Naira, ICT Support Technicians play a pivotal role in maintaining and troubleshooting the technological infrastructure at WAEC.
  3. Administrative Assistant:
    • Entry-level Administrative Assistants receive a minimum salary of 110,000 Naira, contributing to the efficient operation of the administrative functions within the organization.
  4. Office Assistant:
    • Office Assistants, integral to daily operations, start with a minimum salary of 100,000 Naira, providing support across various departments.

Salaries Based on Experience and Positions

  1. Assistant Registrar:
    • As professionals gain experience, they may progress to the role of Assistant Registrar with a corresponding salary increase to 250,000 Naira. Assistant Registrars are entrusted with higher-level responsibilities in the examination process.
  2. Deputy Registrar:
    • Climbing the career ladder, a Deputy Registrar commands a salary of 350,000 Naira. This role involves significant leadership responsibilities and strategic contributions to the organization.
  3. Registrar:
    • The pinnacle of the career hierarchy at WAEC, the Registrar position offers a substantial salary of 500,000 Naira. Registrars lead the organization, overseeing its overall functioning and contributing to the development of educational standards in the region.


A career at WAEC Nigeria not only offers the opportunity to contribute to the educational development of West Africa but also provides competitive salaries based on roles and experience levels. Aspiring professionals can find fulfillment and growth within the organization, with each role playing a vital part in the success of WAEC.

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