Salary Structure

Salary structure of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET)

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Welcome to the world of meteorology and weather forecasting at the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), where a fulfilling career awaits those passionate about making a real impact on the world. In this blog post, we’ll explore the enticing prospects of working at NIMET, delving into the salary structures that make it a desirable workplace for many.

Section 1: The Role of NIMET

NIMET, a government agency, stands as the vanguard in providing accurate weather information and forecasting services in Nigeria. This crucial function not only ensures the safety of communities but also contributes significantly to various sectors such as agriculture, aviation, and disaster management.

Section 2: Why NIMET is a Desirable Workplace

Job security, excellent benefits, and the opportunity to influence the world are key factors that make NIMET a sought-after employer. Let’s explore these aspects that elevate NIMET as a top choice for career enthusiasts.

  • Job Security: NIMET offers a stable work environment, providing employees with the confidence to build long-term careers.
  • Benefits: The agency extends attractive benefits, ensuring the well-being of its workforce. From health benefits to retirement plans, NIMET values the holistic welfare of its employees.
  • Real Impact: Working at NIMET allows individuals to play a pivotal role in safeguarding communities through accurate weather forecasts and information, fostering a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Section 3: Unveiling the Salary Structure

Understanding the salary structure is crucial for those considering a career at NIMET. The agency follows a tiered approach based on factors like job title, experience, and location.

Entry-level Salaries:

  • Positions: Various
  • Salary Range: ₦34,608 to ₦127,969 per month

Other Levels:

  • Junior Officer: ₦134,555 to ₦179,414 per month
  • Middle Officer: ₦179,414 to ₦228,435 per month
  • Senior Officer: ₦228,435 to ₦277,456 per month
  • Principal Officer: ₦277,456 to ₦326,477 per month
  • Assistant Director: ₦326,477 to ₦375,498 per month
  • Deputy Director: ₦375,498 to ₦424,519 per month
  • Director: ₦424,519 and beyond

Section 4:

Embarking on a career at NIMET promises not just financial stability but the chance to contribute meaningfully to society. The agency’s commitment to accurate weather forecasting and its employee-friendly atmosphere make it a beacon for those aspiring to make a difference.


NIMET offers a fulfilling professional journey backed by a competitive salary structure, solid job security, and a genuine opportunity to impact the world positively. Consider NIMET as the launchpad for your career in meteorology and weather forecasting. Your journey to a rewarding career starts here.

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