Salary Structure

Salary Structure of the National Planning Commission (NPC) in Nigeria

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In the heart of Nigeria’s strategic development lies the National Planning Commission (NPC), an independent body entrusted with the crucial task of shaping the nation’s medium- and long-term development plans. Aspiring professionals from diverse disciplines, including economics, statistics, and public policy, find a home within the NPC, where career growth meets the pursuit of national progress.

Unlocking Entry-Level Opportunities:

For those embarking on their careers, the NPC offers a promising start with competitive entry-level salaries. Depending on qualifications and experience, entry-level employees typically earn between N200,000 and N300,000 per annum. This ensures a solid foundation for individuals committed to contributing to Nigeria’s future development.

Navigating the Career Ladder:

As professionals climb the career ladder within the NPC, salaries reflect the increasing responsibilities and expertise required at each level. Here’s a glimpse into the earning potential across various positions:

  1. Junior Officer (N300,000 – N400,000): Entry into this mid-level role signifies a step up, accompanied by an annual salary ranging from N300,000 to N400,000. Junior Officers play a vital role in executing and supporting the NPC’s development initiatives.
  2. Assistant Director (N400,000 – N500,000): As responsibilities grow, so does the compensation. Assistant Directors at the NPC command salaries ranging from N400,000 to N500,000, reflecting their elevated role in shaping and implementing strategic plans.
  3. Deputy Director (N500,000 – N600,000): The Deputy Director level sees professionals overseeing critical aspects of the NPC’s planning initiatives, earning annual salaries between N500,000 and N600,000.
  4. Director (N600,000 – N700,000): Directors, with their wealth of experience, contribute significantly to the NPC’s vision. Salaries for this level range from N600,000 to N700,000, reflecting their pivotal role in driving national development.
  5. Senior Director (N700,000 – N800,000): Senior Directors, positioned at the helm of strategic decision-making, command annual salaries ranging from N700,000 to N800,000. Their expertise shapes the trajectory of Nigeria’s development agenda.
  6. Executive Director (N800,000 – N900,000): At the zenith of the NPC hierarchy, Executive Directors lead with vision and earn salaries between N800,000 and N900,000. This level represents the pinnacle of achievement within the Commission.


A career at the National Planning Commission not only aligns professionals with a noble cause but also offers a structured path for growth and development. As individuals contribute to shaping Nigeria’s future, the NPC ensures that their dedication is recognized and rewarded through a competitive salary structure. Whether at the entry level or navigating the upper echelons, the NPC stands as a beacon of opportunity for those committed to driving the nation’s progress forward.

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