Salary Structure

Salary Structure of Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) in Nigeria

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Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are a driving force behind Nigeria’s infrastructure development and economic growth. Ensuring the success and oversight of these partnerships is the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC). But have you ever wondered about the salaries of the people steering this important institution? Let’s break down the ICRC’s salary structure to shed light on this topic.

ICRC Salary Structure Demystified

1. Executive Director:
At the helm of the ICRC, the Executive Director enjoys an annual salary ranging from N17.2 million to N21.3 million.

2. Director General:
Leading various departments, the Director General’s annual pay falls between N14.8 million and N18.6 million.

3. General Managers:
Those overseeing key functions within ICRC command salaries ranging from N13.4 million to N16.7 million per year.

4. Deputy General Managers:
Playing pivotal roles in departments, Deputy General Managers earn between N11.3 million and N14.1 million annually.

5. Assistant Directors:
Responsible for specific sections, Assistant Directors’ salaries range from N8.2 million to N10.2 million per year.

6. Senior Managers:
Leading teams and supporting operations, Senior Managers receive between N7.2 million and N9.0 million annually.

7. Principal Managers:
Offering expertise and managing tasks, Principal Managers’ annual earnings range from N6.4 million to N7.8 million.

8. Senior Officers:
Providing specialized skills and project support, Senior Officers’ salaries fall between N5.7 million and N7.0 million per year.

9. Officers:
Handling essential tasks and administrative duties, Officers earn from N4.9 million to N6.1 million annually.

10. Assistants:
Assisting officers and providing vital support, Assistants’ salaries range from N3.9 million to N4.8 million per year.

Additional Benefits for ICRC Employees

ICRC employees also enjoy a variety of benefits to supplement their salaries:

  • Healthcare: Comprehensive medical coverage to keep them healthy.
  • Housing Allowance: Support for accommodation needs.
  • Transportation Allowance: Assistance with commuting costs.
  • Leave Allowance: Additional pay during vacation or leaves.
  • Pension Contributions: Savings for retirement.
  • Training and Development Opportunities: Continuous learning and skill enhancement.


The Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) plays a vital role in Nigeria’s infrastructure and economic development through Public-Private Partnerships. The salaries and benefits offered by ICRC reflect the importance and responsibility of each position, ensuring that the institution attracts and retains top talent.


1. What is the role of ICRC in Nigeria?

ICRC oversees Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Nigeria, promoting infrastructure development and economic growth.

2. Do ICRC employees receive benefits in addition to their salaries?

Yes, ICRC employees enjoy benefits such as healthcare, housing allowance, transportation allowance, leave allowance, pension contributions, and training opportunities.

3. How much does an Executive Director at ICRC earn annually?

An Executive Director at ICRC earns between N17.2 million and N21.3 million annually.

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