Salary Structure

Salary Structure of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) in Nigeria

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In the relentless battle against HIV/AIDS, the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) stands tall as a beacon of hope and resilience. Committed to curbing the spread of the disease and providing compassionate care for those affected, NACA plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the nation’s well-being.

Unlocking Career Paths with NACA

Beyond its noble mission, NACA offers a compelling career path that attracts and retains top talent, backed by a competitive salary structure. For those aspiring to make a meaningful impact in public health, NACA provides an attractive entry point with salaries designed to nurture young talent and lay a solid foundation for professional growth.

Entry-Level Salaries: Building Foundations

Aspiring professionals can embark on a fulfilling career with NACA at the following entry-level salary ranges:

  • Grade Level 07: N130,887 – N143,574
  • Grade Level 08: N152,094 – N163,410
  • Grade Level 09: N175,342 – N187,636

These salaries reflect NACA’s commitment to investing in the next generation of public health leaders.

Mid-Level Salaries: Recognizing Expertise

As employees advance in their careers, NACA acknowledges their growing expertise and experience with competitive mid-level salaries:

  • Grade Level 10: N199,596 – N212,278
  • Grade Level 12: N225,956 – N239,164
  • Grade Level 13: N253,740 – N268,198

These packages align with the increasing responsibilities and contributions of mid-level professionals in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Senior-Level Salaries: Leadership and Impact

At the pinnacle of NACA’s organizational structure, senior-level positions demand a high degree of leadership, strategic thinking, and decision-making acumen. The agency’s salary structure reflects the critical role these individuals play in steering NACA’s success and ensuring its continued impact:

  • Grade Level 14: N283,144 – N298,790
  • Grade Level 15: N313,870 – N331,084

A Google-Friendly Blog Post for Your Career Journey

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional seeking a purpose-driven career, NACA offers a pathway to make a significant impact in public health. To ensure this information reaches those seeking opportunities, our blog post is crafted to be search engine-friendly and copyright-free.

As you consider joining NACA in the fight against HIV/AIDS, explore the promising career paths and competitive salaries that await you. NACA is not just an agency; it’s a community of dedicated individuals working together for a healthier future. Discover the rewards of a career with purpose at NACA – where your passion meets impact.

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