Salary Structure

Salary structure of Preventive Dentistry Surgery graduate in Nigeria

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Congratulations on earning your degree in preventive dentistry surgery! You’ve armed yourself with the knowledge to tackle oral health challenges head-on. Now, as you step into the job market in Nigeria, it’s essential to understand what your skills are worth. This guide will shed light on salary expectations and where you can find opportunities in Nigeria.

Where Can You Work?

Hospitals and Clinics

  • Government Hospitals:
    • Entry-Level: Around N600,000 yearly
    • Senior Level: Up to N1.2 million
    • Consultants: Peak at N2.5 million
  • Private Hospitals and Clinics:
    • Entry-Level: N800,000 to N1 million
    • Senior Level: Up to N1.5 million
    • Experienced Consultants: Up to N4 million annually

Public Health Institutions

  • Primary Healthcare Centers:
    • Entry-Level: Around N550,000
    • Senior Level: Up to N1.3 million
  • Ministries of Health:
    • Public Health Officer: N650,000
    • Senior Officer: N1.1 million
    • Director: N1.8 million

Academia and Research

  • Universities and Teaching Hospitals:
    • Lecturer I: Around N700,000
    • Senior Lecturers: N1.4 million
    • Professors: Up to N2.8 million
  • Research Institutes:
    • Research Officers: Around N600,000
    • Senior Research Officers: N1 million
    • Principal Researchers: Over N2 million

Private Practice

  • Setting Up Your Clinic:
    • Potential earnings exceeding N5 million annually depending on location, reputation, and clientele.

Salary Structure by Experience

  • Entry-Level (0-3 years): N550,000 – N800,000
  • Mid-Level (3-7 years): N800,000 – N1.5 million
  • Senior Level (7-10 years): N1.2 million – N2.5 million
  • Management/Consultancy (10+ years): N2 million – N4 million+


As a preventive dentistry surgery graduate in Nigeria, you have a range of career paths and earning potentials. Whether you choose to work in hospitals, public health institutions, academia, research, or start your own practice, your skills are in demand. Remember, your salary will grow as you gain experience and expertise in your field.


1. What factors can influence my salary as a preventive dentistry surgery graduate?

Your salary can be influenced by factors like your level of experience, location, the reputation of your workplace or clinic, and the demand for preventive dentistry services in your area.

2. Is private practice more lucrative than working in hospitals or public institutions?

Private practice can be more lucrative, with successful practitioners earning well over N5 million annually. However, it comes with its own set of challenges and risks compared to a stable salary from a hospital or public institution.

3. How can I advance in my preventive dentistry career to earn a higher salary?

Continued education, gaining specialized skills, networking, and accumulating experience are key to advancing in your preventive dentistry career and commanding a higher salary.

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