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ExxonMobil Salary Structure In Nigeria 2024

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ExxonMobil, a global giant in the oil and gas industry, has a strong presence in Nigeria. Many people wonder about the salaries of ExxonMobil employees in Nigeria. Let’s break it down in simple terms.

What’s the Average Salary at ExxonMobil Nigeria?

On average, an ExxonMobil employee in Nigeria earns about N400,000 per month. But this can change based on the job role, experience, and qualifications. For instance, a Senior Engineer might earn more than an Assistant Engineer.

What Influences Salaries at ExxonMobil?

  1. Job Position: Higher-ranking roles usually come with higher salaries. So, a Project Manager might earn more than a Field Engineer.
  2. Experience: The longer you’ve been working, the more you might earn. Experience can add a good bump to your salary.
  3. Qualifications: Having advanced degrees or special certifications can also boost your pay.
  4. Location: Living in pricier cities like Lagos might mean a higher salary to match the cost of living.

Tips to Boost Your ExxonMobil Salary

Want to increase your paycheck? Here’s how:

  • Gain more work experience.
  • Aim for higher educational qualifications.
  • Consider working in a city with a higher cost of living.


Working at ExxonMobil in Nigeria can be financially rewarding. While the average salary gives a good starting point, various factors like your role, experience, and location can significantly influence your earnings. By focusing on gaining experience, upgrading your qualifications, and possibly relocating to a pricier city, you can aim for a higher salary.


1. What is the average salary at ExxonMobil Nigeria?

  • The average salary is around N400,000 per month.

2. Do higher qualifications lead to higher salaries?

  • Yes, employees with advanced degrees or special certifications typically earn more.

3. How can I increase my salary at ExxonMobil?

  • You can increase your salary by gaining more experience, obtaining higher qualifications, and considering a job in a pricier city.

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