Salary Structure

Salary Structure of National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI)

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Welcome to the National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI), a pioneering Nigerian government-owned agricultural research institute dedicated to advancing the cultivation and productivity of essential root crops such as cassava, yam, potato, and sweet potato. As a hub of innovation and research, the NCRI not only conducts groundbreaking studies but also plays a pivotal role in developing and disseminating improved root crop varieties and technologies to empower farmers across the nation.

Understanding Salary Structures at NCRI:

Graduating from university and stepping into the professional realm is an exciting journey, and at NCRI, the entry-level salary for university graduates starts at CONPASS 08 grade level. Let’s delve into the salary structures across various levels to provide you with a comprehensive understanding:

  1. CONPASS 08: NGN 165,000
    • This serves as the starting point for university graduates, offering a competitive entry-level salary.
  2. CONPASS 09: NGN 180,000
    • Progressing to the next level brings an increase to NGN 180,000 per month, rewarding dedication and expertise.
  3. CONPASS 10: NGN 195,000
    • With continued growth and experience, employees reach CONPASS 10, earning NGN 195,000 monthly.
  4. CONPASS 11 to CONPASS 25:
    • As professionals climb the career ladder, each successive grade level commands a higher salary, reflecting the value of their contributions.

Navigating Career Progression:

At NCRI, employees have the opportunity for significant career growth and development. The institute not only values expertise in root crop research but also acknowledges the dedication and hard work of its team members through a structured salary system.


The National Root Crops Research Institute stands as a beacon of agricultural research and development in Nigeria, providing a conducive environment for professionals to thrive. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced researcher, NCRI’s salary structures are designed to reward your commitment and contribute to the nation’s agricultural advancement.

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