Salary Structure

Salary Structure of Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), Nigeria

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In the dynamic landscape of the Nigerian job market, understanding salary structures is crucial for both fresh graduates embarking on their professional journey and seasoned professionals looking to climb the corporate ladder. In this comprehensive guide, we break down the salary ranges for various positions, from entry-level roles to senior management, providing valuable insights for job seekers and employers alike.

Section 1: Entry-Level Opportunities

Are you a recent graduate or an aspiring professional seeking your first job opportunity? Here’s a glimpse into the entry-level salary landscape:

  1. Graduate Trainee: Earn between NGN 10,000 – NGN 12,000 monthly.
  2. Intern: Monthly stipends range from NGN 10,000 – NGN 14,000.

Navigating the early stages of your career involves making informed decisions. These figures serve as a starting point for understanding what to expect in entry-level positions.

Section 2: Climbing the Corporate Ladder

“From Officer to Director: Salary Progression in Corporate Nigeria”

As you gain experience and expertise, your earning potential increases. Let’s explore the salary ranges for different levels of corporate hierarchy:

  1. Officer I: Monthly salary between NGN 150,000 – NGN 180,000.
  2. Senior Officer: Monthly earnings range from NGN 200,000 – NGN 250,000.
  3. Principal Officer: Enjoy a salary between NGN 260,000 – NGN 310,000 per month.
  4. Assistant Director: Monthly compensation varies from NGN 320,000 – NGN 370,000.
  5. Deputy Director: Earn between NGN 380,000 – NGN 430,000 monthly.
  6. Director: At the pinnacle, expect a monthly salary between NGN 440,000 – NGN 490,000.


being well-informed about salary ranges is a powerful tool for professionals at all stages of their careers. Whether you’re a fresh graduate aiming for an entry-level position or a seasoned executive eyeing a directorial role, this guide provides valuable insights.

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