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Nimasa Salary Structure (2023)

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NIMASA, the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, stands at the forefront of regulating and enforcing trade activities in Nigeria. Established in August 2006, this pivotal government agency plays a crucial role in ensuring maritime safety and compliance with regulations. In this blog post, we will delve into NIMASA’s salary structure, functions, and essential requirements for potential job applicants.

NIMASA Salary Structure:

Understanding the salary structure is a key factor for those considering a career at NIMASA. The agency adopts the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutes Salary Structure (CONRAISS) to determine staff salaries. Salaries are based on years of experience and grade levels in the civil service. Here’s an overview:

  1. Entry-level Salary:
    • Monthly: ₦100,000 to ₦150,000
    • Annual: ₦1.2 million to ₦1.8 million
  2. Grade Level 7:
    • Monthly: ₦90,000
    • Annual: ₦1 million
  3. Grade Level 8:
    • Monthly: ₦103,988
    • Annual: ₦1,247,854

Functions of NIMASA:

NIMASA plays a multifaceted role in ensuring maritime safety and compliance. Some of its critical functions include:

  • Regulating and supervising seafarers and shipping licenses certification.
  • Enhancing regulatory and shipping matters related to merchant and seafarers’ shipping.
  • Instituting safety standards and organizing maritime training for officers.
  • Providing rescue services and maritime search when required.
  • Regulating safety during ship construction.
  • Conducting air surveillance and coastal security.
  • Preventing maritime pollution.
  • Ensuring maximum security in water territories.
  • Overseeing all duties related to ports and flag states.
  • Promoting the development of local capacity in ship supervision, ownership, and construction.

Job Requirements at NIMASA:

For individuals aspiring to join NIMASA, meeting specific requirements is essential. These include:

  • A degree or equivalent in engineering registrable with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).
  • Current medical fitness certificates and valid certificates.
  • Certificate of Competency (Engineering) from a recognized university, with at least eighteen (18) years of post-graduate professional experience.
  • Possession of HND, B.Sc, NCE, or OND from a recognized institution.
  • Additional certificates, whether postgraduate or professional, are beneficial.
  • Certificate of Discharge/Exemption from NYSC.
  • Applicants must be under the age of 35.
  • Proficiency in computer usage.
  • National Diploma (ND) from a recognized institution or equivalent qualifications.
  • West African School Certificate (WAEC) or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) with specific credit requirements.


As NIMASA continues to evolve, it offers promising opportunities for individuals looking to contribute to maritime safety in Nigeria. Prospective applicants should carefully consider the outlined salary structure and job requirements. Staying informed about any changes in these aspects will ensure a smooth journey into a rewarding career with NIMASA.

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