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Salary Structure of Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON) in Nigeria

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In Nigeria, the Environmental Health Officers Registration Council (EHORECON) plays a pivotal role in regulating and maintaining standards for environmental health practices. As a regulatory body, EHORECON is responsible for registering and licensing Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) across the country. One crucial aspect that job seekers and professionals in this field are keen on understanding is the salary structure, which is intricately tied to the Consolidated Health Salary Scale (CONHESS).

Navigating the Salary Ladder at EHORECON: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Entry Level Opportunities: Climbing the Ranks

a. CONHESS 07 STEP 01: N226,692.00 per annum – This serves as the starting point for many EHOs entering the workforce. – New professionals can expect to earn a competitive salary reflective of their dedication to environmental health.

b. CONHESS 08 STEP 01: N249,200.00 per annum – Progressing to this level signifies a growth in responsibilities and expertise. – EHORECON recognizes the commitment of its officers with an increment in the salary scale.

c. CONHESS 09 STEP 01: N271,423.00 per annum – As EHOs gain experience, their remuneration continues to reflect their dedication to the field. – The salary at this level is designed to acknowledge the expanding role of environmental health officers in safeguarding public well-being.

d. CONHESS 10 STEP 01: N293,481.00 per annum – At this stage, professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of environmental health. – The salary scale is a testament to their advanced skills and contributions to the community.

2. Scaling the Heights: Advanced Levels

a. CONHESS 11 STEP 01: N315,365.00 per annum – Climbing to this level indicates a mastery of environmental health practices. – EHORECON acknowledges the invaluable expertise of officers through an elevated salary structure.

b. CONHESS 12 STEP 01: N337,078.00 per annum – Professionals at this level are instrumental in shaping and implementing health policies. – The salary increment reflects the impact these officers have on public health.

c. CONHESS 13 STEP 01: N358,627.00 per annum – Those reaching this stage are at the pinnacle of their careers. – The salary reflects the culmination of years of experience and expertise.

d. CONHESS 14 STEP 01: N380,012.00 per annum – At the highest level, officers are influential leaders in environmental health. – The salary is a testament to their exceptional contributions to the field.


In the dynamic landscape of environmental health in Nigeria, EHORECON stands as a beacon of regulation and professionalism. Understanding the salary structure based on the CONHESS provides clarity for aspiring Environmental Health Officers. Whether entering at the base level or advancing through the ranks, the salary increments reflect the dedication, expertise, and impact of these professionals on the nation’s health. As EHORECON continues to shape the future of environmental health in Nigeria, its commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence remains unwavering.



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