Salary Structure

Salary structure of the National Library of Nigeria (NLN) in Nigeria

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In the dynamic world of libraries and information services, the National Library of Nigeria (NLN) stands as the apex institution, steering the nation towards a wealth of knowledge. Established in 1970 by the National Library Act, No. 29 of 1970, the NLN has been a cornerstone in developing and providing essential library services throughout the country. In this blog post, we delve into the salary structure of NLN employees, shedding light on the remuneration they receive under the Consolidated Tertiary Institutions Salary Scale (CONTISS).

Understanding CONTISS: A Gateway to NLN Careers

The CONTISS serves as the framework for NLN staff salaries, ensuring a standardized and fair compensation system. For those embarking on a career with the NLN, it’s crucial to understand the salary levels within the CONTISS scale.

Entry-Level Excellence: CONTISS 8 – ₦1,802,593.00 per annum

As newcomers set foot into the NLN, they are welcomed with the entry-level salary of CONTISS 8. This competitive package, amounting to ₦1,802,593.00 annually, is extended to all newly recruited staff, irrespective of their job title or qualifications. It reflects the NLN’s commitment to recognizing the value of each team member from the very beginning.

Scaling the Heights: Navigating the CONTISS Ladder

Moving beyond the entry level, NLN employees can aspire to climb the CONTISS ladder, each step bringing with it increased responsibilities and, of course, higher remuneration.

  • CONTISS 9: ₦1,982,990.00
  • CONTISS 10: ₦2,173,788.00
  • CONTISS 11: ₦2,376,071.00
  • CONTISS 12: ₦2,589,924.00
  • CONTISS 13: ₦2,815,644.00
  • CONTISS 14: ₦3,054,034.00
  • CONTISS 15: ₦3,305,286.00
  • CONTISS 16: ₦3,571,138.00
  • CONTISS 17: ₦3,851,347.00
  • CONTISS 18: ₦4,146,526.00
  • CONTISS 19: ₦ [This figure needs to be completed or corrected]

These ascending salary levels not only reward dedication and expertise but also serve as an incentive for continuous professional development.

Conclusion: Building Careers, Fostering Knowledge

Aspiring professionals in the library and information sector can find a home at the National Library of Nigeria, where a transparent and competitive salary structure ensures that their contributions are duly recognized and rewarded. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of information services or aiming to scale new heights in your career, the NLN beckons with a promising pathway, backed by the solid foundation of the CONTISS salary scale.

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