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PWC Salary Structure in Nigeria

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PricewaterhouseCoopers, commonly known as PWC, stands as one of Nigeria’s oldest and leading firms offering professional services like assurance, tax, and advisory. It’s a major player not just in Nigeria but globally, being part of the prestigious “Big Four” alongside KPMG, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young. If you’re considering joining this industry giant, you’re likely curious about PWC’s salary structure, especially for graduate trainees. Let’s dive into it.

PWC Salary Breakdown

1. Internship:

  • Monthly Pay: Between N48,000 to N62,000
  • Insight: For an intern, this is quite a good start!

2. Associate:

  • Monthly Pay: N148,000
  • Annual Salary: N1.64 million to N1.84 million
  • Insight: As an associate, you’re well-compensated with a stable annual income.

3. Adult Associate:

  • Monthly Pay: N140,000 to N180,000
  • Insight: The pay reflects the experience and expertise they bring to the role.

4. Assistant Consultant:

  • Monthly Pay: N159,000 to N173,000
  • Insight: A step up in responsibility also means a rise in salary.

5. Audit Senior Associate:

  • Monthly Pay: N288,000 to N314,000
  • Insight: As a senior associate in audit, you’re moving up the salary ladder.

6. Senior Associate:

  • Annual Salary: 6.51 to 8.34 million naira
  • Insight: With seniority comes higher rewards, reflecting the role’s responsibilities.

7. Manager:

  • Annual Salary: 14.1 million naira
  • Insight: Managers enjoy one of the highest salaries in the hierarchy.

PWC Salary for Fresh Graduates

Fresh graduates at PWC are in for a treat. With a competitive edge in the market, their starting salary is around N200,000 per month, amounting to approximately N2.4 million annually. This makes PWC’s graduate trainee salary one of the most attractive in Nigeria, drawing in top talents from all over the country.

Joining PWC as a Graduate Trainee

PWC’s Graduate Trainee program is an annual recruitment drive held in Lagos, Nigeria. The program aims to onboard high-performing trainees who can contribute to the company’s success. Interested candidates can apply through PWC’s official website or various job portals in Nigeria. The selection process is competitive, ensuring that only the best candidates make it to the program.


PWC offers a competitive and attractive salary structure, especially for fresh graduates joining as trainees. With a reputation as one of the best accounting and auditing firms globally, coupled with high salaries, it’s no wonder that PWC is a top choice for many aspiring professionals in Nigeria.


1. How can I apply for PWC Graduate Trainee?

  • You can apply through PWC’s official website or other job websites in Nigeria. Keep an eye out for their annual recruitment drive.

2. What is the average salary for a fresh graduate at PWC?

  • Fresh graduates can expect a starting salary of around N200,000 per month, amounting to approximately N2.4 million annually.

3. Is PWC’s Graduate Trainee program competitive?

  • Yes, the program is highly competitive. Only competent applicants who meet the specified criteria make it through the selection process.

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