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Petroleum Engineering Salary in Nigeria (2024)

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When you think of big bucks and prestige in Nigeria’s job market, what comes to mind? If “oil and gas” was your answer, you’re on point! The oil and gas industry is not just a sector; it’s the gold mine of Nigeria’s economy. And guess who the gold diggers are? Petroleum engineers!

Why Petroleum Engineering is the Buzzword in Nigeria

Petroleum engineering is not just another profession; it’s a gold-standard career in Nigeria. Back in 2016, fresh graduates in this field were pocketing the highest entry-level salaries, and guess what? They still do! Alongside other oil and gas-related professions like Geology and Geophysics, petroleum engineering offers an exciting, well-paying career path.

So, What’s the Pay Like?

Now, let’s talk numbers. You’re probably wondering, “How much do these petroleum engineers earn?” Well, let’s break it down by company:

Shell Nigeria

Shell isn’t just a big name globally; it’s a big payer in Nigeria too. For freshers, expect a salary ranging from N3.3 million to N8 million per year. And yes, that’s excluding allowances!

Total E&P

Total E&P is another heavyweight in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. Their starting salaries for petroleum engineers range from N7 million to N12 million annually, depending on the role and location.

Schlumberger Nigeria

Known for its top-notch services, Schlumberger offers entry-level salaries between N2.7 million and N5 million per year.

Exxon-Mobil Nigeria

Exxon-Mobil doesn’t just pay well; they invest in your growth too. They offer salaries ranging from N6 million to N10 million per annum.

Others Worth Mentioning

  • Oando Nigeria: N1.6 million – N5 million per year
  • Chevron: N6 million – N9 million per year
  • Saipem: N2.4 million – N4.8 million per year
  • Halliburton: N3.6 million – N4.5 million per year
  • Seplat: N2 million to N4.5 million per year


Petroleum engineering is more than just a job; it’s a ticket to financial security and professional recognition in Nigeria. With competitive salaries and a dynamic work environment, it’s no wonder this field is a magnet for Nigerian youths.


1. Is petroleum engineering the highest paying profession in Nigeria?

Yes, as of recent years, petroleum engineering has been one of the highest-paying professions in Nigeria, especially for entry-level positions.

2. Do petroleum engineers only work offshore?

No, petroleum engineers are not limited to offshore operations. They can also work alongside civil engineers and in various other engineering fields.

3. Are the salaries mentioned inclusive of bonuses and allowances?

The salaries mentioned are basic annual salaries and do not include bonuses and other allowances which can significantly increase the total earnings.

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