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Level 8 Salary in Nigeria (2024): See How Much Is Paid

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Government jobs in Nigeria are known for their stability and consistent pay, making them attractive career choices for many. Among the entry-level positions is Level 8, which varies in pay across different government sectors. If you’ve ever wondered about the salaries of Level 8 workers in Nigeria, this article breaks it down for you in a straightforward manner.

What is Level 8 Salary?

Level 8 is considered the entry-level for many government jobs in Nigeria. While the pay might seem modest compared to the skills and qualifications of some professionals, the job security and potential for consistent promotions make it appealing to many.

Salary Breakdown by Sectors

Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC)

The NCC is one of the top-paying government sectors. Entry-level staff here can expect a minimum of N120,000 monthly. Depending on experience and recommendations, this can go up to N380,000. Additionally, as a confirmed staff, you’ll enjoy various bonuses based on experience.

Nigerian Civil Defence

Known for its respect and recognition, the Nigerian Civil Defence pays its Level 8 officers around N121,000 initially, excluding bonuses. With promotions, this salary can increase. It’s not just about the pay; the respect accorded to officers at all levels is noteworthy.

Nigerian Police Force

Despite its controversial reputation, the Nigerian Police Force offers competitive salaries. A Level 8 officer starts at a minimum of N128,000, with an Assistant Superintendent (Level 8 Step 10) earning around N144,000 monthly.

Why Consider a Level 8 Government Job?

Despite the concerns about the modest starting salaries, the stability, job security, and potential for promotions make Level 8 government jobs appealing. The respect and recognition associated with these roles add to their attractiveness.


While Level 8 salaries in Nigeria may not always reflect the qualifications and expertise of the individuals, the benefits and job security that come with these roles make them worthwhile. Whether you’re considering a career in the NCC, Nigerian Civil Defence, or the Nigerian Police Force, each offers its unique benefits and opportunities for growth.


  1. What determines the salary for Level 8 workers in Nigeria?

    The salary for Level 8 workers is determined by factors like profession, experience, and the nature of the job. Different government sectors have their pay structures based on these factors.

  2. Are there additional bonuses for Level 8 government workers?

    Yes, many government sectors offer bonuses and allowances in addition to the basic salary. These bonuses can vary based on experience and level within the organization.

  3. How often do Level 8 government workers get promoted?

    Promotions in government jobs depend on performance, qualifications, and available vacancies. Generally, promotions can occur periodically as opportunities arise, allowing for salary increases and career advancement.

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