Npower Batch C Date for Physical Verification Exercise Revealed

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In today’s article we shall be discussing about the date for npower batch c physical verification exercise, so if you are among batch c beneficiaries that are still unaware of the date for the physical verification exercise please read on.

Npower management has set a date for batch c physical verification exercise following the deployment of Shortlisted candidates. The days set for the physical verification exercise is the 10th of September 2021.

Npower Batch C Date for Physical Verification Exercise Revealed

Shortlisted Applicants are to check their Nasims Portal self-service dashboard for details on the physical verification exercise.

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For beneficiaries who has successfully done their biometrics verification and are yet to be deployed, you are also advised to take part in the physical verification exercise as deployment is still ongoing and some of such applicants may have received emails regarding physical verification exercise even though they are yet to be deployed.

The physical verification exercise are carried out in beneficiaries local government as filled during the profile record update. So check the Nasims Portal for details regarding the physical verification exercise.

Click Here to visit the Nasims Portal for more information.

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