Common Questions and Answers about Deployment Issues From Npower Batch C Beneficiaries

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In today’s npower news, we decided to give answers to questions from some npower batch c volunteers, who might have been having difficulty in solving some deployment issues.

Common Questions and Answers about Deployment Issues From Npower Batch C Beneficiaries

Please kindly read thoroughly to get answers to some questions you might have.

1. What is Npower PPA? 

Answer: Npower PPA means Primary Place of Assignment i.e where the npower volunteer has been posted to serve.

2. How much is an Npower volunteer monthly stipends?

Answer: 30,000 for graduates and 10,000 for Non- graduates.

3. I’m yet to be deployed after doing biometrics, is there still hope for me? 

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Answer: Deployment is still ongoing, so Yes there is still hope for you.

4. Why is deployment letter not downloading? 

Answer: Due to massive traffic in the Nasims portal, you might be experiencing difficulty downloading the deployment letter but I want you to keep trying and use a strong network connection.

5. Between physical verification, acceptance letter signing and upload which comes first? 

Answer: Physical Verification comes first but if you have uploaded the acceptance letter, no problem.

6. What is the difference between Npower acceptance letter and Npower deployment letter?

Answer: Npower acceptance letter is the accepted and signed copy of deployment letter signed by your PPA supervisor while Deployment letter is the compulsory letter required to be printed out by all npower beneficiary form the Nasims portal dashboard signifying their PPA posting.

7. When will the monthly Stipends of Batch C commence?

Answer: The payment of monthly Stipends for batch c will probably start from September/October.

8. When does physical verification exercise for Npower batch C commence?

Answer: The physical verification exercise for Npower batch C starts by 10th of September 2021.

9. Is there still hope for Npower stream 2?

Answer: Yes, there is still hope.

10. What is the solution to login errors? 

Answer: A strong network connection is required when trying to login to your Nasims portal dashboard.

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11. How do I check my physical verification exercise location?

Answer: Login to your Nasims portal dashboard, check the deployment page on your dashboard and click on download deployment letter.

12. Can an Npower beneficiary Redeploy from one state to another?

Answer: Yes but you have to contact your state focal  person or you contact the  npower support team via the  self-service portal.

13. Can an Npower beneficiary change PPA? 

Answer: Yes, you can apply for redeployment if you have been rejected from your initial PPA.

14. How can an Npower beneficiary Redeploy from one PPA to another?

Answer: You can redeploy from one PPA to another by uploading your rejected deployment letter from the initial PPA on the Nasims portal dashboard and applying for another PPA.

15. What do I do if the program I selected is not available in my location?

Answer: If the selected program is not available in your location you will be asked to select a new program on your Nasims portal dashboard.

Hope we have been able to satisfy you with the answers given for the questions listed above? Feel free to drop any other questions you may have and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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