Salary Structure

Salary structure of Nigerian Content Monitoring and Development Board (NCMDB)

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Are you eyeing a fulfilling career in the dynamic realm of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry? Look no further than the Nigerian Content Monitoring and Development Board (NCMDB). As a pivotal force driving local participation in this vital sector, the NCMDB offers an enticing environment for ambitious professionals seeking to make their mark. But what about the paycheck? Let’s break down the salary landscape at NCMDB across different career stages, from entry-level to the top echelons.

Entry-Level Opportunities: Launching Your Career

Fresh graduates stepping into the NCMDB can anticipate a starting monthly salary ranging from ₦85,000 to ₦120,000. However, this figure isn’t set in stone and can vary based on factors such as your educational background, the department you’re joining, and your negotiation skills.

Mid-Level Growth: Climbing the Career Ladder

For those who’ve gained experience and expertise, mid-level roles beckon with salaries ranging from ₦150,000 to ₦250,000 monthly. This category includes positions like Senior Specialists, Analysts, and Assistant Managers, offering a significant bump in earning potential.

Senior-Level Excellence: Leading the Way

Seasoned professionals occupying senior positions such as Managers, Principal Specialists, and Team Leads command monthly salaries ranging between ₦300,000 and ₦450,000. Moreover, performance bonuses and allowances add extra allure to these roles, recognizing exceptional contributions.

Top-Level Prestige: Reaching the Summit

At the zenith of the NCMDB hierarchy, Directors and Executive Secretaries enjoy salaries soaring to ₦500,000 and beyond. These top-tier positions come with lucrative benefits packages, aligning with the significant responsibilities they entail.


Embarking on a career journey with the Nigerian Content Monitoring and Development Board opens doors to growth, recognition, and rewarding compensation. Whether you’re just starting or aiming for the executive suite, NCMDB offers a pathway to professional fulfillment in Nigeria’s vital oil and gas industry.


1. Are salaries at NCMDB negotiable?

Yes, salaries at NCMDB can be negotiable, especially based on factors such as educational qualifications, relevant experience, and specialized skills.

2. Are there opportunities for career advancement within NCMDB?

Absolutely! NCMDB encourages career growth and offers various avenues for advancement through training, mentorship programs, and internal promotions based on performance and merit.

3. Does NCMDB provide additional benefits besides salary?

Yes, apart from competitive salaries, NCMDB offers a range of benefits including health insurance, retirement plans, professional development opportunities, and performance-based bonuses.

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