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Jigawa State Teachers Recruitment 2023/2024 Requirements And How To Apply

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Are you passionate about shaping young minds and contributing to the educational growth of a region? Look no further than the Jigawa State Teachers Recruitment for 2023! The Jigawa State Government is on a mission to elevate education standards, foster social harmony, boost the economy, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the region. This blog post guides you through the available positions, application requirements, and the seamless application process. Don’t miss the chance to be part of Jigawa State’s transformative journey!

Available Positions:

The Jigawa State Universal Basic Education Board is actively seeking dedicated educators and staff in various subjects, including Accounting, Mathematics, English Language, Biology, Computer Science, and more. If you’re an expert in any of these fields, seize the opportunity to make a difference.

Application Requirements:

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  1. Nigerian Citizenship: Applicants must be Nigerian citizens.
  2. Local Government Identification: A valid local government identification is required.
  3. Good Behavior: Demonstrate good behavior and composure.
  4. Clean Record: Possess a clean criminal record.
  5. State of Origin Certificate: Provide a duly signed certificate of state of origin.
  6. Physical and Mental Fitness: Be physically and mentally fit for the role.
  7. Birth Certificate: Submit a National Population Commission birth certificate or an Affidavit of Declaration of Age.
  8. Communication Skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills are important.
  9. Educational Qualifications: Possession of relevant certificates from recognized institutions.
  10. NYSC Certificate: For B.Sc and HND holders, an NYSC certificate or letter of exemption is necessary.
  11. Academic Results: SSCE, NECO, or GCE with credits in at least five subjects, including Mathematics and English.
  12. Teaching Credential: A teaching credential is required for teaching positions.
  13. Means of Identification: A valid means of identification such as a driver’s license, National Identification Card, International passport, Voters card, or National Identification Number is mandatory.
  14. Age Limit: Applicants must not be over 35 years old at the time of application.
  15. Computer Knowledge: Basic computer application skills are advantageous.

Application Process:

Follow these steps to apply for the Jigawa State Teachers Recruitment:

  1. Visit the official Jigawa State Teachers recruitment portal at
  2. Complete the application form for your chosen category (Teaching or Non-Teaching) free of charge.
  3. Provide accurate details, including full name, permanent addresses, local government of origin, email/telephone address, date of birth, state of origin, nationality, marital status, academic qualifications, institutions attended, and course of study.
  4. Submit the application form and print out the confirmation slip.
  5. Only shortlisted candidates will proceed to the next phase of the recruitment process.


The Jigawa State Teachers Recruitment for 2023 presents a unique opportunity for qualified individuals to contribute to the state’s educational development. By adhering to the provided guidelines and meeting the outlined requirements, aspiring candidates can take a significant step towards securing a rewarding career in education. Stay informed and keep visiting the official portal for updates and notifications. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the transformational journey in Jigawa State. Your teaching career awaits!

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