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Top 10 Highest Paying Airlines In Nigeria

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The Nigerian aviation industry is booming, and it’s not just the thrill of flying that’s attracting people. With high salaries, especially among the top airlines, it’s no wonder many aspire to join this dynamic field. Let’s dive into the top 10 airlines offering the best pay and what factors influence these salaries.

Top 10 High-Paying Airlines in Nigeria

1. Arik Air

  • Pilots: Up to N4 million/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N2 million/year

2. Air Peace

  • Pilots: Up to N3 million/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N1.5 million/year

3. Dana Air

  • Pilots: Up to N2.5 million/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N1 million/year

4. Azman Air

  • Pilots: Up to N2 million/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N800,000/year

5. Aero Contractors

  • Pilots: Up to N1.5 million/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N700,000/year

6. Medview Airline

  • Pilots: Up to N1.2 million/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N600,000/year

7. Green Africa Airways

  • Pilots: Up to N1 million/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N500,000/year

8. Max Air

  • Pilots: Up to N800,000/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N400,000/year

9. Overland Airways

  • Pilots: Up to N600,000/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N300,000/year

10. FirstNation Airways

  • Pilots: Up to N500,000/year
  • Cabin Crew: Up to N200,000/year

What Makes the Salaries High?

Factors Influencing Airline Salaries in Nigeria

  1. Airline Size: Bigger airlines often pay more.
  2. Aircraft Type: Operating newer aircraft can lead to higher salaries.
  3. Staff Experience: More experience often means a higher paycheck.
  4. Location: Airlines in major cities might offer better pay.
  5. Demand: High demand for flights can drive up salaries.


The Nigerian aviation industry offers lucrative opportunities for those looking to soar high in their careers. Whether you’re a pilot or a cabin crew member, the sky’s the limit when it comes to earning potential. With competitive salaries across the board, it’s no surprise that this industry continues to attract talent.


1. Which airline pays the highest salary in Nigeria?

Arik Air tops the list with pilots earning up to N4 million/year and cabin crew up to N2 million/year.

2. Do smaller airlines offer competitive salaries?

Yes, some smaller airlines like Dana Air and Azman Air offer competitive salaries, especially for experienced staff.

3. What factors affect airline salaries in Nigeria?

Airline size, aircraft type, staff experience, location, and demand for air travel are key factors influencing salaries

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