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NERC Salary Structure – Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission

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Are you curious about the salary structure at the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)? Many individuals have been seeking clarity on the compensation offered by NERC, and we’ve gathered valuable insights to shed light on the matter. Based on data collected from ten NERC staff members, we present an overview of the average monthly salaries and specific figures for various job positions within the commission.

NERC Average Monthly Salaries:

As per our findings, the average monthly salary at NERC stands at a competitive N220,500, totaling N2,646,000 annually. It’s important to note that this information is derived from the salaries of ten dedicated NERC employees.

NERC Job Positions and Corresponding Salaries:

  1. NERC Information Technology Support Officer:
    • Monthly Salary: N42,000
  2. Technical Engineer at NERC:
    • Monthly Salary: N74,000
  3. Assistant General Manager:
    • Monthly Salary: N840,000

These figures offer a glimpse into the diverse salary ranges within NERC, reflecting the varying responsibilities and positions within the organization.

How Does NERC Compare to Other Institutions?

Understanding the salary structure at NERC is crucial for individuals considering a career in the energy sector. By comparing the compensation offered at NERC with other relevant institutions, prospective employees can make informed decisions about their career paths.


the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission provides competitive salaries across different job positions. This information serves as a valuable resource for those interested in pursuing opportunities within the energy regulatory sector. As always, it’s essential to verify and stay updated on salary structures, as they may be subject to change. Whether you are a potential job applicant or simply curious about NERC’s remuneration, this comprehensive guide aims to provide clarity on the commission’s salary structure.

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