Salary Structure

Salary structure of Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB)

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Are you someone who pays attention to the smallest details, cares deeply about safety, and dreams of serving the skies? If so, then the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) of Nigeria might just be calling your name.

Before you dive into this crucial journey of investigation, it’s important to understand what the AIB’s salary structure looks like. Having a clear picture of what you can expect financially empowers you to make informed decisions and chart your course towards excellence in aviation safety.


For fresh graduates stepping into the role of Investigation Officers at the AIB, the starting salary typically falls within the range of NGN 450,000 to NGN 550,000 per year. This competitive entry point recognizes the valuable skills and knowledge you bring to the table, providing a strong foundation for your investigative career.

Career Progression:

As you gain experience and expertise, your salary at the AIB naturally evolves. Here’s a glimpse into the potential salary progression across different levels:

  • Senior Investigation Officer: NGN 600,000 – NGN 750,000
  • Principal Investigation Officer: NGN 800,000 – NGN 1,000,000
  • Assistant Director (Investigation): NGN 1,200,000 – NGN 1,500,000
  • Deputy Director (Investigation): NGN 1,600,000 – NGN 2,000,000
  • Director (Investigation): NGN 2,200,000 – NGN 2,500,000


While the salary structure is an important aspect, it’s not the only thing to consider. AIB employees also enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, including:

  • Housing Allowance: Support for accommodation expenses.
  • Medical Insurance: Coverage for healthcare needs.
  • Pension Scheme: Planning for a secure future.
  • Leave Allowance: Additional support during time off.


Joining the AIB Nigeria offers not only a competitive salary but also a fulfilling career path dedicated to ensuring aviation safety. With opportunities for growth and a supportive benefits package, it’s a journey worth considering for those passionate about making a difference in the skies.


1.Is experience required to join the AIB as an Investigation Officer?

While experience can be beneficial, the AIB also welcomes fresh graduates who demonstrate a keen interest in aviation safety and possess relevant skills.

2.Are there opportunities for advancement within the AIB?

Yes, the AIB provides a clear path for career progression, with opportunities to climb the ranks as you gain experience and expertise.

3.What is the work environment like at the AIB?

The AIB fosters a collaborative and supportive work environment, where team members work together towards a common goal of ensuring aviation safety for all

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