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Enugu State House Of Assembly Salary Per Month

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The Enugu State House of Assembly plays a vital role in shaping the laws and policies that affect the lives of Enugu State residents. With 24 members elected by the people, it’s essential to understand not just their responsibilities but also their earnings. So, how much do these elected officials make, and is it fair?

How Much Do Enugu State House of Assembly Members Earn?

Enugu State House of Assembly members earn a monthly salary of ₦750,000. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Basic Salary: ₦500,000
  • Constituency Allowance: ₦200,000
  • Car Loan: ₦50,000

Is This Salary Enough?

Cost of Living:

Living in Enugu State isn’t cheap. With expenses like housing, food, and transportation, the cost of living can be high. Considering this, the monthly salary might not cover all the needs of the House of Assembly members.


These members have significant responsibilities, such as creating laws and overseeing the government’s executive branch. Their decisions affect millions, making their role crucial.

Comparison with Other States:

When compared to other states like Lagos, where House of Assembly members earn ₦1,000,000 monthly, Enugu’s salary seems lower.

Is the Salary Too Much or Too Little?

Too Much? Some argue that the salary is too high, especially given the economic challenges faced by the state. They believe that reducing these earnings could free up funds for more critical needs.

Too Little? Others feel the salary is fair, given the responsibilities and the cost of living. They argue that competitive salaries attract competent individuals to these crucial roles.


Determining the adequacy of the Enugu State House of Assembly salary isn’t straightforward. It’s influenced by various factors like living costs, responsibilities, and comparisons with other states. While some may see the salary as excessive, others find it justifiable.


1. How is the Enugu State House of Assembly salary calculated?

  • The salary comprises a basic pay of ₦500,000, a constituency allowance of ₦200,000, and a car loan of ₦50,000.

2. How does the Enugu State House of Assembly salary compare with other states?

  • The salary in Enugu is lower than some states like Lagos, where House of Assembly members earn ₦1,000,000 monthly.

3. Do House of Assembly members receive other benefits apart from the salary?

  • While the mentioned salary covers the basic pay, constituency allowance, and car loan, additional benefits or allowances may vary based on the state’s policies.

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