Salary Structure

Salary structure of Geography in Nigeria

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Embarking on a career in geography opens doors to a world of possibilities where you can contribute to shaping the future of cities, champion sustainability, and delve into fascinating research. But what kind of salary can you expect as you embark on this geographical journey in Nigeria? In this blog post, we’ll explore the salary structure for geography graduates across different career paths and experience levels.

Where Geography Graduates Thrive:

  1. Urban Planning Departments: Have a hand in shaping Nigerian cities through urban planning projects and infrastructure development.
  2. Environmental Management Agencies: Lead efforts in sustainability tackling pollution, conservation, and climate change.
  3. Cartographic Firms: Master the art of mapmaking, designing maps for various purposes.
  4. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Companies: Utilize GIS technology for analyzing spatial data and providing location-based solutions.
  5. Research Institutions: Dive deep into geographical research on climate change, natural disasters, and human-environment interactions.
  6. Educational Institutions: Inspire the next generation by teaching geography at different academic levels.
  7. Non-profit Organizations: Contribute to social good by working on projects related to disaster management and sustainable development.

Salary Levels:

  1. Entry-Level (0-2 years): Fresh graduates can expect a starting salary ranging from NGN 150,000 to NGN 250,000 annually.
  2. Mid-Level (3-5 years): With a few years of experience, salaries can climb to NGN 300,000 to NGN 450,000 per year.
  3. Senior Level (6-10 years): Senior geographers with specialized skills can command salaries in the range of NGN 500,000 to NGN 700,000 annually.
  4. Management Level (10+ years): Those in managerial positions can expect top-tier salaries exceeding NGN 700,000 per year.


A career in geography offers diverse opportunities in various sectors in Nigeria. While entry-level salaries may start modestly, with experience and expertise, geography graduates can ascend to lucrative positions, making significant contributions to society and the environment.


1.What factors influence geography graduate salaries?

Factors such as job role, location, organization size, and reputation can influence salary levels.

2.Is a geography degree valuable in Nigeria?

Absolutely! Geography graduates are equipped with skills applicable across diverse sectors, making them valuable assets in areas such as urban planning, environmental management, and research.

3.Are there opportunities for career growth in geography?

Yes, there are ample opportunities for career growth in geography, with paths leading to senior and managerial positions as one gains experience and expertise

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