Salary Structure

Salary structure of Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN)

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Are you drawn to shaping Nigeria’s energy future and considering a career at the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN)? Understanding the salary structure is key to making an informed decision. Let’s break it down for you in simple terms:

Entry-Level Opportunities

Fresh graduates stepping into the ECN typically start at the CONRAISS Grade GL-07 level. This translates to a monthly salary ranging from around ₦97,438 to ₦104,566.

Mid-Level Advancement

As you gather experience and expertise, your pay advances through the CONRAISS structure. Moving up to Grade GL-08, you can expect a monthly income of approximately ₦114,040 to ₦122,237. Further progression to Grade GL-09 places you in the range of ₦133,279 to ₦142,116.

Senior-Level Positions

Senior roles at the ECN come with significantly higher salaries. Within the CONRAISS framework, Grade GL-10 offers a monthly range of ₦154,759 to ₦164,700. Climbing to Grade GL-12, you could earn between ₦190,557 and ₦202,789 monthly.

Top-Tier Opportunities

At the highest levels of the ECN, salaries are impressive. Directors fall under the CONMESS structure, earning anywhere from ₦2,324,462 to ₦2,684,750 monthly, depending on their specific role and experience.

The Director-General, the apex of the ECN hierarchy, enjoys a salary within the Special Salary Scale (SSS) Level 17, equating to a monthly income of ₦3,095,191.


Embarking on a career journey with the Energy Commission of Nigeria offers promising opportunities for growth and financial stability. As you progress through the ranks, your salary reflects your experience, expertise, and contributions to shaping Nigeria’s energy landscape.


1.What is the starting salary at the Energy Commission of Nigeria?

Fresh graduates typically start at Grade GL-07 with a monthly salary ranging from around ₦97,438 to ₦104,566.

2.What is the highest salary level at the ECN?

The Director-General, at the apex of the hierarchy, enjoys a monthly salary of ₦3,095,191 within the Special Salary Scale (SSS) Level 17.

3.Do salaries vary based on experience and expertise?

Yes, salaries at the ECN progress as you gain experience and move up through the ranks. Higher levels of experience and expertise are reflected in higher salary grades

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