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Doctors Salary In Nigeria Army 2024: How Are They Paid?

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Being a doctor in the Nigerian Army is not just about healing soldiers; it’s a calling that demands commitment, resilience, and sacrifice. If you’ve ever wondered about the life of a military doctor in Nigeria, you’re in the right place! Let’s dive into the salary, benefits, and what makes this profession unique.

How Much Does a Military Doctor Earn?

The salary of a doctor in the Nigerian Army can vary quite a bit. On average, a military doctor earns around ₦1 million per month. But don’t let that number fool you; salaries can start from ₦500,000 and go up to ₦2 million depending on several factors.

What Influences a Military Doctor’s Salary?

  1. Rank: Just like in any military organization, rank matters. Doctors with higher ranks, like colonels or brigadier generals, usually take home higher salaries.
  2. Experience: Experience pays off! The longer a doctor serves, the higher their salary tends to be.
  3. Qualifications: Higher qualifications, such as master’s degrees or PhDs, can also boost a doctor’s earning potential.
  4. Specialty: Specialized fields like surgery or radiology can command higher salaries compared to general practice.
  5. Location: Doctors posted in major cities generally earn more than their counterparts in rural areas.

Benefits Beyond the Salary

Being a military doctor comes with its perks. In addition to the salary, here are some benefits that doctors in the Nigerian Army enjoy:

  • Pension: After years of service, doctors can look forward to a steady monthly income post-retirement.
  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive health insurance helps cover medical expenses, ensuring doctors and their families receive top-notch care.
  • Leave: Whether it’s annual vacation or sick days, doctors are entitled to paid time off to rest and recharge.
  • Training Opportunities: Continuous learning is encouraged. Doctors have access to training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge.


Being a doctor in the Nigerian Army is a noble and rewarding profession. While the salary is competitive, it’s the sense of purpose and the opportunity to serve the nation that truly sets this career apart. With a range of benefits from pension and health insurance to training opportunities, military doctors are well taken care of.


1. Is it mandatory for military doctors to serve in combat zones?

No, military doctors can serve in various capacities, including hospitals, clinics, and even administrative roles. Combat deployments are not mandatory for all military doctors.

2. Can civilian doctors join the Nigerian Army?

Yes, civilian doctors with the required qualifications can join the Nigerian Army as commissioned officers. They would undergo military training and serve as military doctors.

3. How long is the service commitment for military doctors?

The service commitment for military doctors varies but generally ranges from a few years to several decades, depending on the terms of engagement and rank.

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