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CBN Salary Structure: How Much CBN Pay Staffs

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If you’ve ever wondered about working for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), you’re not alone. As the country’s top monetary authority, the CBN plays a crucial role in Nigeria’s financial stability and economic growth. But what does it offer in terms of salary and benefits? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

What Does the CBN Do?

The CBN is like the financial guardian of Nigeria. It’s responsible for setting and carrying out monetary policies (think of these as the rules of the financial game), keeping the financial system stable, and helping the economy grow.

CBN Salary: What Can You Expect?

Your salary at the CBN depends on your job level and experience. Here’s a quick look at the salary ranges:

  • Graduate Trainee: N60,000 – N100,000/month
  • Entry-Level Staff: N122,000 – N146,000/month
  • Assistant Manager: N341,000 – N409,000/month
  • Loan Officer: N573,000 – N687,000/month
  • Chief Security Officer: N578,000 – N693,000/month
  • Credit Analyst: N647,000 – N776,000/month
  • Branch Controller: N1,001,000 – N12,012,000/month
  • Deputy Governor: N3,000,000 – N4,000,000/month
  • Governor: N4,000,000 – N5,000,000/month

Remember, these are approximate figures. Your actual salary could be higher or lower based on your qualifications, experience, and how well you perform at your job.

What About Allowances?

On top of the basic salary, CBN staff also get several allowances to help with living costs:

  • Housing Allowance: Helps with rent or housing costs. The amount varies based on your job level and where you live.
  • Transportation Allowance: Covers your commute to work. Again, this depends on your job level and how far you live from work.
  • Medical Allowance: Helps with medical bills. The amount depends on your job level and family size.

There are also other allowances like entertainment, clothing, and leave allowances.


Working for the CBN comes with a competitive salary and a range of benefits that make for a good standard of living. Plus, there are other perks like health insurance, a pension plan, and paid leave.


  1. Is it hard to get a job at the CBN?

    • Yes, the CBN is a competitive employer, so having the right qualifications and experience is important.
  2. Do CBN employees get health insurance?

    • Yes, CBN staff receive health insurance as part of their benefits package.
  3. How often is the CBN salary reviewed?

    • The CBN salary structure is reviewed annually to reflect changes in the cost of living and other factors.

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