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Teachers salary in Oyo state

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Are you considering a career in teaching in Oyo State? Understanding how teacher salaries work is a vital step towards making an informed decision. In this guide, we’ll break down the official Oyo State civil service salary structure for public school teachers in simple terms.

Primary School Teachers:

For newly qualified teachers, their salary typically falls between N44,500 and N60,000 per month, depending on their grade level within the civil service structure (Grade Levels 01-04).

Experienced primary school teachers with more years of service can expect a salary range of N50,000 to N105,000 for Grade Levels 05-08.

Secondary School Teachers:

New secondary school teachers start with a similar salary range to primary school teachers, earning between N44,500 and N60,000 monthly (Grade Levels 01-04).

Experienced secondary school teachers (Grade Levels 05-09) can see their salaries increase to N50,000 to N121,000 per month, reflecting their years of service and higher grade level.


teacher salaries in Oyo State are determined by both grade level and years of experience within the civil service structure. Whether you’re starting your career as a fresh graduate or have years of teaching under your belt, the salary ranges provided offer insight into what you can expect to earn as a public school teacher in Oyo State.


1.Are these salaries fixed, or can they vary?

While these salary ranges are based on official guidelines, individual circumstances and negotiations may affect the final salary offered.

2.Do teachers receive any additional benefits apart from their salary?

Yes, teachers in Oyo State often receive benefits such as health insurance, pension contributions, and opportunities for professional development.

3.Are there opportunities for salary advancement beyond the listed ranges?

Yes, teachers can advance to higher grade levels within the civil service structure through experience, additional qualifications, or promotions, which can lead to higher salaries over time

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